Small Closet Solutions for Small Space

Small Closet Solutions for Small Space by adding storage

Small closets solutions for small space Most of us will admit that we don’t have the big closet or the sace for a big closet in the bedroom. However, we also don’t like to keep only half of our clothes. Well, we still need and use them right? although some of those clothes may not be touched for more than a year. Okay, whatever we think about the closets and clothes that we have, there are cool solutions from designers for this problem.

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Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom Without Closets


Storage ideas for small bedroom without closets Closet in a small bedroom can cause trouble for itself. The size is large and can reduces the space significantly. However, a storage is still necessary for any bedroom and without storage, our stuffs become a nightmare. Now there are some amazing storage for replacing closets designed by creative people around the world. The storages are original, limited space friendly. And, sure we can keep our bedroom neat without adding bulky storage furniture. How to store clothes without closet in small bedroom? Using…

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Do I Really Need Dark Wall Color?


Dark wall color If you are fond of other house or building with dark wall, you may want some dark shade for your wall too. But, yes, Would the room feel more enclosed, feel smaller and feel not pretty bright even in the day? Colors, would be good anywhere as long as the composition is good. That’s not something that is esy to describe. But it is. However, there are some pros and cons fo having dark wall.

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