Normal Indoor Humidty Levels and How to Maintain Them at Home

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Normal indoor humidty levels and how to maintain them at home Humidity is very important to our overall health. Furthermore, humidity also very important for the health of our home. Low humidity can cause painting to deteroriate. The ideal level of humidity should be around the level of 45%. Any level under 30% is too low while humidity above 50% is juta too high. How to measure humidity? We human can measure humidity by natural. We can feel it. But yes, we are not always sure wether the humidity is…

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How to Dress Up / Decorate Rental Home Temporarily

wonderful temporary vinyl floor decor for rental apartment

Dressing up or decorating rental apartment can be done temporarily. Yes, we don’t need to spend a lot as well as can reverse anything back like what it used to be. Apartment or house which are available for rent usually are white. The owner usually want the property to9 be as neutral as possible to match the taste of many. However, it is not always good for us. We want something special for our bedroom and interior. We want the apartment to have some short of personality like what we…

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