What to Consider Before Buying Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets (RTA)

white brown kitchen cabinets design

RTA or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are bargain compared to any kitchen set from factory. We buy the cabinetry in pieces an assemble ourshelves. The cabinet as w hole cost less and the assembly process usually is easy. And now, the precission of the pieces are getting better. However there are still some things to consider when we are ready to buy the RTA cabinets.

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Tips on What to do with Windows in the Kitchen

How to decorate kitchen windows using windows decoration

This post is about windows design in the kitchen. Well, actually about how to match the kitchen with existing windows. We need to make considerations on what we need to do about windows. We can just let the kitchen design ignores the existing windows. But windows can be made to make a true statement about the kitchen. we can put cabinetry around windows, painting the window frames and others. But, if a window above a bathtub gets decorated then what about the window at the kitchen? We can make such…

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Do and Don’t Kitchen Design Tips

classic white kitchen design idea

There are some kitchen design mistakes that people usualy make. The mistakes can be simple but sometimes we just don’t realize it. So, there are the kitchen design tips from a designer: Get one fun and creative element Never make the kitchen a boring space. A kitchen has to be warmth for the owners, inviting and has to be personal. Kitchen is more than just the appliances and the furniture. The design of a kitchen has to be special for the owners. It represents the owners and should match the design…

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