How to Paint Over Dark Wall into Bright Colorful Interior

awesome dark living room idea

Painting over dark color into bright color needs some steeps. These are steps we need to do before we can turn the wall into a bright one. Having dark interior can be great and make the interior feels cozy. The dark interior can make the space feels warmth too. For those living in the northen or southern side of the earth, we may need dark color to add warmth in the room. (Phsycally).

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How to Avoid Home Looks Cluttered

hiding clutter tips tricks by hiding cables cords with DIY baseboards

We can have this problem in the house. We can clean the house anytime but the house still looks cluttered. Living in the same space for years, we can accumulate stuffs and start cluttering the house. However, it is much better to have a space with no clutter. We are sure feel better and the space feels much more comfortable. However, it is not stuffs only that can cause clutter. Some inapropriate placement of anything can cause the room to be cluttered. And. it is important to make the design…

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Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

small bedroom with accent colors Photo Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design

Apartment owners may wonder, why the room that is expected to house large furniture like bed and storage can be so small. So, our options would be squezzing the size of the bed and using small storage and maybe, not using a nightstand. Is that true? However, there are plenty of benefits for small bedroom. We don’t need any furnishing and adding seating in the room that we don’t really need. We also do not need to decorate the space for any accessory we actually don’t need. And now, some…

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