Wonderful Kitchens Design Ideas

Bold kitchen with light countertop Kim-Stephen-www.kimstephen

Kitchen is a center of a houseThis is the place where we gather for breakfast and dinner. Also, this is the place for doing homeworks for kids. A kitchen is a multifunction space. So, making the space beautiful and functional can be great for entire family. Open kitchen with brass look ceiling lamps and vintage style This kitchen is an amazing one with airy ambiance. The color is quite soft and the counter is dark. This kitchen was designed to be an easy place for party too. Industrial style kitchen…

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Hygge – What is Hygge and How to Hygge the Home?

cool Hygge interior design

What is Hygge? In English, we should pronounce the word as ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah.’ This word is from Norway and is a term for wellbeing. As for interior, we could translate it into Cosiness or togetherness. We could, however, because this word can’t be translated into a single word in English. It is like great moments from good bath into comfy sleeping. It is more like the enjoyable moments in the morning cofee time with scented candle lit nearby. How to Hygge the home? Add candles Cablelight maybe the easiest…

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