Advantages and disadvantages of roll-up mosquito nets

Summer is coming and you want to change the decoration of your house. Gone are the coldest months of the year that are accompanied by sober colors. Now, in the middle of spring, what we are looking for are bright colors and light textiles to decorate. That and solutions as practical and necessary as roll-up mosquito nets, which as you well know are our best allies against those little insects that come back thirsty every year.

In this article we are going to talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of the mosquito nets that are rolled up, so pay attention to everything good and everything bad to solve any doubt you may have about it.

The advantages of roll-up mosquito nets
One of the main advantages of roll-up mosquito nets has to do with space, since it is not necessary to have a large gap to consider installation. They are very compact and that avoids that we have to find extra space for the storage of their structure, something that does not happen with other similar solutions that many people end up discarding due to the impossibility of placing them. In addition, sliding mosquito nets are installed very easily and it is not necessary to have knowledge about the matter. In a very short time they are placed, something that of course is something that must be assessed if there are children at home and you do not want to be there for a single day without airing.

Obviously, the main advantage of roll-up mosquito nets is that they do not let insects pass, but the best thing is that they do so by allowing the air to flow from the outside to the inside without any restriction, which allows us to ventilate any stay without worrying about the dreaded mosquitoes. That, on the other hand, prevents us from having to resort frequently to air conditioning and fans, so we must also think of them as an ecological solution and that helps us save money.

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The advantages do not stop there, since by not allowing the mosquitoes to pass we do not have the obligation to resort to chemical products to eliminate them. Insecticides, which imply a significant expenditure throughout the summer if the problems with mosquitoes are recurrent, deteriorate the ozone layer. You can open the windows at night to fight the heat without having to buy the typical insecticides that connect to the wall and that give off odors that are not usually very pleasant.

Another aspect that must be included in the advantages section is that which has to do with economic investment. Rolling mosquito nets are products that can be purchased for little money, especially if we compare them with other alternatives that easily double and triple their cost. In addition, the quality of life of people living in a house with mosquito nets improves, since by not using air conditioning or insecticides, the air that is breathed is much purer.

The disadvantages of roll-up mosquito nets
If we had to mention a disadvantage, we would refer to the one that has to do with the dust they accumulate. It is important to carry out periodic maintenance to prevent dust from accumulating in the mosquito net, since otherwise it may fail to fulfill its main function, while we run the risk of deteriorating earlier than expected. Rolling mosquito nets are products with a very long life as long as maintenance is correct.

The latter is something that should not really be a disadvantage, since any alternative to this type of mosquito nets requires maintenance to offer the expected performance

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