Advantages of wall-hung sinks

Advantages of wall-hung sinks

By now you have surely heard about suspended sinks many times. They are an option to value because there are many advantages that we can take advantage of when installing them, which is why they have become common in millions of houses. In this article we will talk about precisely those advantages, so we recommend that you pay attention to everything that follows if you have any questions about their suitability for your home.

They adapt to any bathroom

You will see many suspended sinks on and in other stores that you can place in your bathroom. Why? Well, because they adapt to all types of spaces, being a solution that many families resort to who, due to a question of space, cannot opt ​​for other options. By being glued to the wall, the need for square meters decreases.

Designs of all kinds

You will find suspended sinks with all kinds of designs. The best of all is that they have been able to adapt perfectly over the years, and that is why it is possible to find minimalist designs or decorative styles as appreciated as the Nordic. In fact, there are even those that seem to take us to the future.


By not having a structure underneath that limits the height, thanks to the suspended sinks we can be the ones who choose the height that best suits us, making this solution the most versatile of all by far.

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Extensive storage options

Suspended sinks give a lot of play, since they don’t take up space just below them. That allows you to resort to all kinds of storage options, from the most traditional to the newest. For example, you can opt for a series of shelves on which to place the towels that you are going to use for the shower and to dry your hands.


Main floors

So that the sink does not take over the prominence that must also be given to other parts of a bathroom, in its favor it must be said that with suspended sinks the floor does not lose an iota of the prominence that we must give it, especially if we have managed to get us with tiles whose design makes us fall in love. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the fact that the floor is visible instead of the bottom of what would be a sink, allows to visually lighten the space.

Ease of cleaning

Another point that must be valued very positively is that which has to do with cleanliness. Unlike what happens with pedestal or recessed sinks, with wall-hung sinks you will have no problem leaving everything very clean. You will be able to pass the mop without having to juggle, and the best of all is that you will say goodbye to the typical joints that over time end up blackening

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