Amazing Bedrooms Photo Gallery Ideas

Amazing Bedrooms Photo Gallery Ideas


Bedroom is a place where we spend important moment every dday. To have a nice rest. Bedroom probably is rarely used. Sometimes we work overtime and go home after 9 or 10 PM. And, we already leave our home again tomorrow at 7 AM.

However, this room is very important. Our productivity may depend on how comfortable we can sleep at night. For myself, bedroom can be simple and gives the basic need for comfortable sleep, privacy and storage. Some decorations are great but not much. Since, I usually don’t bother about delicate design. Just great or minimal good design in general.

However, a very nice bedroom is still inspiring. I still think if I may have a really wonderful bedroom just as a bedroom designed by interior decorator. And, make use of its beauty.

This below bedroom is simple and wonderful. It is kind of my basic bedroom now. Not much of accessories but the ambiance is still warmth and inviting. Having minimalist bedroom is not about small available space. But t about taste and ease of maintenance too.


This bedroom is nice, simple and beautiful as well.

However, some nice, small decorations like below bedroom is greatly appreciated. This bedroom is my typical bedroom. The design is m,inimal. However, there are still some added characters to the bedroom. The additions can come from wood floor, bold colors or anything. But, Personally I like to keep anything simple.


This bedroom is a bedroom of a vacation house in France. The design of the house is minimalist. The color is mostly white with bold, black color accent for the window’s frame.

Mountain House bedroom-St-Adolfe-d’Howard-Cabin-by-Jean-Verville-architecte

In such bedroom, decoration probably is not necesarry. The house and the bedroom probably are just a comfortable shelter built to enjoy its beatutil surrounding nature. So, whatever inside probably is to support the joy given by the nature.

A bedroom with nicely arranged rich colors and detail however, is always beautiful. The warmth given by such bedroom is more than every minimalist room has to offer. Different tones between the bed sheet and rug can be wonderful to look at. And, as for this below bedroom, the shelves are great decor and storage for the book lover. Having a bedroom with favorite or important books is fun. We don’t have to walk further just to read a book.

Moreover, the books covers are colorful too, adding the bedroom’s rich and warmth ambiance.


About Bedrooms

National Association of Home Builders ( NAHB ), Avaragehome’s size in USA is 2.315 sq ft. This size houses in avarage 2.56bathroom and 3.38 bedrooms. The total area used fot bedroom averages 29 percent. Total bedroom space in a house is larger than any other room, in avarage. And, the time spent in a bedroom usually is around 10 hours in a day.

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So, bedroom is important since it is used more than any other space in the house.

Bedroom Design Cost

If you only want to remodel your interior with different layers of materials and decorating, the cost is probably only for the designeer and material. But if you want to remodel your home, any change to the house may require a permit. And this permit is sure to cost money.

And, in the long run, if the appraised value of your house is raised, your tax will increase too.

Big cost usually comes from some fundamental decor like wood flooring and new furnishing. painting wall probably doesn’t cost you a lot but layering the wall with wood or metal can cost quite a fortune.

The cost for general bedroom, not a lavish ones, usually around $1000 for child’s bedroom. And, can be as much as $3500 or more for grown-up bedroom.

In every house with few bedrooms, it is almost 100% chance there’s a master bedroom. This bedroom, although the size probably is the same like any other bedroom, but has some advantage.  The location maybe more prominent in the house. Having larger windows, or at least, equipped with more features than any other room.

In USA, there’s always a dedicated master bedroom built from the beggining. This master bedroom, usually also the one that cost most money compare to other bedrooms.

Guest room is a room found in about 33% of USA homes. A guest bedroom probably is not for the owner to use. But, it is safe to decorate the bedroom with something special too. Your guest will remember how comfortable and nice your house is.

Other than these bedrooms, the rest of bedrooms would be rooms for children or servants, if you have ones.

Decorating small child’s bedroom can cost less than master bedroom. The furniture usually in not quite expensive compare to grown up’s furniture.

However, a designer’s bedroom with whimsical design may cost up to a few tousand dollars. A whimsical bed can cost a few thousand of dollars and you also need to add some matching furniture pieces and accessories.

At least, a child’s bedroom can use bright colors and vibrant fabrics and furnishing is you like.

As a basic for interior design.

Interior Design Basic Principles

There are a few basic principles in interior design.

  • Proportion

There are some standard proportions for interior and bedroom. We can follow the standard to avoid un-proportional design.

  • Accentuation & Rhythim

It is about how to arrange an element i harmonize way. It can starts from shape, color intofurnishing.

It can be static Rhytym and Dinamic Rhytym. The statis one is about placing consistent patterns or shapes. Like placing pictures in the same distance or size.

  • Composition /Sequence

It is about arranging zone. Example is not placing the door of a bathroom right in front of a bed. We also can use some separation between a space for dressing and storage area.

  • Balance

It can be symetrical balance or asymetrical balance. Imagine a bedroom, can we divide the bedroom with a straight line? As example, take a straight line at the center of the bed. The left and right side of the bed, it is balance enough? Or, take the left and right side of the room, is the result great enough for you?

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Asymetrical design is riskier but also can be more rewarding in result if done correctly.

  • Focal Points

Usually, we use bed or rug under the bed as focal point. And, let the lines of other elements flow to the center of attention.

The focal point can be created with contrasting elements of colors, shapes, sizes, position and up to texture or visual appearance.

It can be a red rug under the bed at the center of the room. Or, at the corner of the room. And then, we work toward harmonizing the rest of the elements toward the focal point.

  • Scale

We can build small bedroom with high roof. If we remodel the house, it is possible to do. Lifting the roof and ceiling in the home. A room with “bigger than other” impression can be obtained by lifting the ceiling higher.

  • Unity in design

We need to make the entire elements look wonderful when it is all placed in a bedroom. We can make some items look harmonious.

As example, 3 different chairs can be harmonious by using the same pillows with strong appearance. Or, use the same color for 3 different styles chairs or table.

We also can use the same square frames for various photos. Although, the frames’ colors are different.

steve-mnuchin-manhattan-home-bedroom-design idea classic

Where do the biggest costs come from

  • Flooring and Furnishing

Flooring is the one of the biggest part of the cost in remodelling a bedroom. Yes, it is because the materials are expensive and there are quite a lot of floor space to work with.

  • Furnishing

Furnishing is one of the most expensive items in bedroom remodeling. However, when it comes to mattress, we should find the best possible. Comfortable sleep is a great factor in productifity when we wake up again.

So, as alternatif, we can choose:

  • Carpet

Many people want wood flooring more thab carpeting. But, the cost and maintenance of wood flooring maybe a deal breaker. So, carpeting then becomes the main choise for bedroom flooring material. In fact, carpet is used by almost 50% of the market. Carpet add charm and warmth in the room. Also, phsycally warmth during winter night.

As for other options, there are Nylon and Polyester for the fiber type. And more options are for medium-colored hardwood, dark hardwood and light-colored hardwood.

And with any flooring material, area rug can go a long way to add beauty and ambiance in the room. We can use area carpet as a center of attention / focal point. But, we also can use the rug for 2/3 of the floor area.

Make sure to use carpet that matches the entire ambience or ambiance you want to create in the bedroom.

Other Items that Have Significant Cost for Bedroom Remodelling

  • Lighting

Lightig also is important. A chandelier maybe is a great classic-looking lighting. But, the price usually also is expensive. However, a lighting also can be decorative and can be choosen from ones with beautiful lighting fixture.

  • Windows Treatment

Treating windows depend on privacy and light you want to balance for your bedroom. Curtains as usual, is more light friendly than blinds or shades. Besides the function, there are also decorative and functional function in balance.

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As for kids bedroom and nursery rooms, shade and curtains with darkening effect may be a great selection.

windows treatment tips

  • Shelves and Storage

Shelves are standing bookcase. This type of furniture is a stand alone or can be part of other furniture pieces. Including as part of a bed. A shelving system is great furniture to store and display toys. Also, is a great place for books.

In kids’ bedroom, shleving can be painted in bright colors. Adding more vibrant ambiance. However, a grown-up bedroom may need calm-looking shelves.

That said, we can add family photos and anything else on the shelves.

And for storage, we can use the under the bed area as storage addition. Also, we also can use storage with full enclosure instead of using shelves.

  • Ceiling

Ceiling with special design can add beauty. It can be exposed wood frame into painted ceiling.

baran studio bedroom with exposed wood ceiling

  • Fireplace Design in Bedroom

Fireplace can bring warmth and pleasure to the bedroom. It is fun to see the fire sparks brightly in winter.

Material for fireplace and its styling can be matched with the bedroom’s style. It can be made rustic, modern, stylish or natural. The fireplace also can be made from stone, steel or wrought iron.

Bedroom Styles

There are some known styles for interior as well as for bedroom. These styles usually are similar to the style of the house as a whole.. Usually, some famous styles would be: modern, classic, rustic, eclectic, industrial etc. You can choose the style depending on your current home’s style or whatever you wish.

There are some considerations when we want to remodel our bedroom. It can be stylisng, cost and also, tax. If we rebuild or renovate our home.

tropical bedroom idea

However, having a nicer bedroom ( and a home ) is always nicer. So,we hope that the bedroom styles idea here can be beneficial for you. Thanks for visiting!

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