Amazing Fences Ideas with Styles, Patterns and Materials


Amazing and complete gallery of wonderful home fences in virtually all styles and materials. Match these with your own houses style for impaccable beauty.

Fence can impact the aesthetic of a home in positive or negative way. It can engance the entire design and also can make the house looks and feels more homy.

Since the beggining, fencing has so many functions ranges from separation purpose to aesthetic purpose. And, all in between and in the mix.

The designs of a fence has also evolved. From simple fence with wood or bamboo into carefully built fence with high quality materials and craftmanship. And, sure, the design has employed a wide array of tones or hues to the fence. From sober, cold tones into vibrant ones.

And now, we try to collect some interesting fence designs. These fences are worth to look at and to admire.

Fence costs

Fence usually is priced per meter or foot. The longer the fence, the more it costs.

A pe built panel can cost $40 to $300 for 6 to 8 ft length. So, 1 acre lot with 8 ft panels at $200 /fe would cost about 836 Feet/8 panels X $200 = $20,900.

1/2 acre would half the cost and the 1/4 acre would cost $5,225.

Well, this cost is just an estimation only. Not a real cost of 8 ft panels fence. And, the cost does not include installation cost.

Materials of fence

The 2 common type of materials would be wood and vinyl. The normal wood used for fence can be anything actually. But it has to be wood with high score at Janka test. As example, western red cedar is common material.

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However, there are some most popular fence materials:

  • Vinyl

Vinyl actually is more popular than wood. It is less maintenance and comes in more options than wood.

However, vinyl costs more than wood, including the replacement for a board. Yes, once broken or stained, we need to replace a board of vinyl rather than replacing 1 board of wood. It can be okay, if we don’t care about partially broken or stained vinyl fence anyway.

  • Wood

Wood is natural addition to any garden. It fits well in a garden with to much effort. It costs less than vinyl and can be painted in array of hues.

However, wood is natural material and can requires more effort for maintenance.

  • Iron

Iron can be so nice addition in a garden. The look and feel of an iron is just more natural than any other metal fence.

  • Metal

Rust proof metal can go a long way for a fence. It can lasta long and maybe needs painting only for maintenance. The look of metal fence also is modern. Moreover, this fence can be made quite strong too.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum panel fence is cool and modern. It can give a garden a distict look. Aluminum fence won’t rust and can make the hhome as a whole looks wonderful.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a nice fence. Just as wood, bamboo lokks natural to look at. However, it takes more effort in painting bamboo fence or coating it with natural look. Bamboo seems more prone to rot than wood. And in humid weather, bamboo seems rot easier.

  • Glass

Glass fence is elegant,. modern but only is for small area. We can use glass fence for a pool but for the entire garden. Thin glass is just not strong enough for a garden fence.

  • Gabion

A gabion fence is a fence with wire caged filled with stones or other materials. Actually, the filler can be anything.

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And now, popular fence designs

Popular Fence Designs

What fence designs are popular? or, what fence designs that best suits your home?

Well, let’s see.

Actually, there are fence designs which are so custom in design and don’t belong to these categories. However, we should always can findready to install fence based on these categories.

1. Dog ear



It doesn’t look as a dog’s ear at all but the inverted curved top might remind us of dog’s ear. The fence has post as the highest points as well as the thickest.

2. Flat top fence

Flat-Top-White-Vinyl-Pool-Fence design

Just as the name suggest, the top side is flat and is made of material thicker than the bars.

3. Gothic

White-Vinyl-Gothic-Fence-Style design

The wood pickets for this fence have similar height. At the top, the pickets are pointed and are held near the top. This is a “pointy” type fence made of wood or wood looking materials.

4. Lattice top

Wood-Lattice-Top-Fence style design

It is a regular fence with added lattice at the top. The lattice becomes a decorative element while the bottom part can be privacy fence or any other type.

5. Picket fence


This type is simple wood fence with gaps between pickets. The pickets are arranged vertically and most of the time are quite short.

Usually, a picket fence is for decorative purpose only. But, higher picket fence can be for protection purpose too.

6. Privacy fence


Usually, this fence is high and more often, is full enclosure without any gaps in the fence.

7. Scallop

White-Scallop-Fence-design style

Very similar to dog ear type fence.

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8. Shadow box


Shadow box fence lets lights to enter from one side. The woods are arranged on bot sides in alternating fashion.

9. Spaced picket


As for this type of fence, the gap between pickets is wider than other types.

10. Rail


This fence use horizontal arrangement instead of vertical. The design allows for less materials for the similar length covered by the fence. So, this rail-type fence costs less and usually is built on large properties.

11. Gabion


This type of fence use metal wires. These wires are used to hold stones or other materials.

Fence is a feature that we can use for easthetis as well as privacy. As for security, the above fence may give some security to en extend. However, if you really use fencing for security, there are types of serious fences that can give the strength and the protection you may nedd for your house.

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