Amazing IKEA Hacks Ideas

IKEA-farmhouse-INGO table-hack

We have some amazing IKEA hacks ideas. IKEA is a known brand producing from a rail into a bedroom furniture set. The quality is decent and some more expensive brands are not more durable than IKEA brand.

IKEA also is a popular brand to be hacked, and to be made into a much better pieces of furniture. In fact, some people have proved themshelves to be very creative and decorating their IKEA pieces into amazing ones.

Actually, there are so many ways to hack this IKEA bekvam step stool. But here, the play kitchen made from this stool is amazing.


The hack also is easy to do. The steps are painted in black with some real countertop color. The top counter doesn’t have to be redesigned with burner like toys. The easy way is to paint the top with burner painting. That’s all and some other touches like shown below.

IKEA hack-stool-kitchen-toy

  • IKEA INGO Table Hack Into cool Dining Table -Amazing IKEA Hacks Ideas

This table is made of pine wood and comes unfinished. It is a great start to make anything with this table. and one of the result is this one.


Instead of having a plain table, this dining table is awesome with its dark brown color finish. The hack includes power tools to cut and install the subframe as well as adding screws. Also, we can add the length of the table too.

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IKEA-farmhouse-INGO table-hack

  • IKEA VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser Hack into Wrapping Paper Container

This IKEA VARIERA is the one to store grocery bags, especuially the ones we plan to reuse.


Well, giving the dispenser a new life is not quite difficult anyway. But it can be very functional as well as decorative.

IKEA Hack-utility-closet-wrapping-paper-storage

  • IKEA FINTORP Rail Hacks into Gadget Charging Station

We know that cables / cords can mess and clutter the house. So, a special charging station can be made to declutter the space.

An IKEA Fintorp is just a simple rail ith dark color. Usually we just put it on a wall and use it to hang something. But there, Maggie Lois of Hometalk has turned the simple rail into an amazing charging station with IKEA wire basket.IKEA-fintorp-rail-black-hack

The charging station is all black but also is adorned with pots and fake plants

diy-charging-station-using-ikea fintorp

  • IKEA BORRBY Lantern Hack into Cool Terrarium

This lantern is for indoor and outdoor use and can hold a big candle. However, rather than using candle in the lantern, the lantern is filled with soil, stones and plants.


The lantern’s new live as terarium seems so promising. The white paint seems as wonderful addition to the table and the pot and plants around. This lartern becomes unique, cute and an interesting DIY project for homeowners.


  • IKEA TARVA Dresser Hack into Rolling Desk

This hack is a quite big transformation. The top drawer removed and becomes a desk. This link shows you how to do it.


The transformation also includes removing the original legs. And, change the legs with wheels. And as for the appearance, the front side also has been hacked into this amazing design with the initial of the maker.

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However, according to the “hacker” warns us about the use of this dresser. Don’t put wheels on IKEA dresser since the furniture is already light.

tarva-ikea-hack into rolling desk

Hacking IKEA furniture can turn into a much more functional furniture as well as furniture with much better look.

As for quality, IKEA has decent quality but we always can add something to add its durability. An IKEA INGO can get a new subframe to make it much stronger than before.

And as DIYers, we can be satisfied for having our special furniture with our specific design that fits our spesial needs.

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