Amazing Living Room Designs with Elegant Decorations

Living room is a place where family gather after long hours in the office. It should be a place where we feel happy and comfortable. Moreover, nice, elegant design also is desirable.

It is nice to take inspirations from wonderful living room designed by professional. These rooms are truly awe inspiring and are worth to look at.

Garrison Hullinger designed this living room with everlasting cream color. The high ceiling of the room seems adorned with calm accessorries.


Clay Construction has built a nice living room with beige color and large windows. This home is blessed with amazing views outside. So, enchanting details amy not be necesarry. However, ther’s a cool stone fireplace with 2 large openings, This is wonderul and can add some characters to the entire living room.

Jane Lockhart Interior Design has designed this intimate living room. It is a room with high roof and wonnderful calm wood floor.

The furniture pieces are arranged in intimate arrangements, close to each other. Also, the hanging pendant lamp is low, further creating the intimate ambiance.


This living room is awesome. Again, the main color is beige and the accent color is black. This living room seems has quite low ceiling. But painting the ceiling’s frame in white and the other parts in cream seems to be a great option. The living room looks lively and interesting. Familyroom1This classic living room has red carpet and ottoman which make it looks even more classic.


elegant classic living room with red carpet

This living room is just an amazing one. The design also is classic. The living room area is raised and is completed with light yellow carpet.

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As the styling, the entre living room is 100% classic. However, there’s a modern twist in the room. The coral sofa is sure wonderful and looks stylish.

how to add accent in classic living room with coral sofa

This living room is a small one with chairs and ottoman table. But, without sofa. It is a great classic inspiration for corner living room. It is a place where intimate conversation occurs while sipping coffe ar tea.


classic calm brown living room with small ottoman table

Living room can be designed with large sofas for the furnishing. The reason is the comfort. Sofa is long and tend to be more comfortable than chairs.

small classic living room with large sofas

And as for design, the colors of choice are earthy. Brown, light brown and white of the furnishing and carpet is combined with small trees. And as for the fireplace, the gas fireplace has glass enclosure to make sure the co2 doesn’t enter the living room.

So, these are the classic lkiving room idea with elegance style.

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