Amazing Shelves which are Super Easy to DIY


Amazing shelves which are super easy to DIY

Making DIY craft is something that can be fun. But installing a craft on a wall can be a little bit of challange. Installation is not going to be that easy.

However, there are DIY shelves which are easy to craft and install. The designs are amazing and the materials are easy to obtain. DIY project for a shelf is not going to be this easy.

And for those who have only a little time to read, lets begin:

DIY Wooden Belted Wooden Shelves

It is one of the easy DIY ahelves project. The construction consists of belts attached to a wall to hold a piece of wood plank. We can make the shelves 2 or 3 tiers. We can use old belts and make the look rustic.

Shelf with belt DIY Inspiration by At Home In Love
At Home In Love

Amazing DIY pegboard shelves with perforated wooden wall covering

The construction of the shelves actually is simple yet impressive to look at. We need to make some holes on wooden board. The size of the holes are made to fit wooden sticks that support the shelves horizontally.

After that, we attached the wooden board(s) on the wall and put some small wooden planks on it. Support them by some wooden sticks.

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Such shelves look so wonderful with the perforated wall covering. The wood color also match nicely with planters, plants, mirrors etc.

Vintage Revival

Rustic Dark Industrial Pipe and Wood Shelves

This DIY shelves are amazing shelves with rustic style. The black pipes look so nice and the wooden shelves board are also painted in dark hue.

The styling is sure rustic. However, such shelves can be used to make an accent in a modern interior..

Industrial-styled-rustic-wooden-shelves-by-The DIY Playbook
The DIY Playbook

DIY driftwood shelf

This driftwood shelf is another impressive rustic shelf. And as the previous one, this shelf can be used to make an accent in a modern house.

And as other shelf, it can be used to display frame, pots and anything else.driftwood-Rustic-DIY-Shelf-Lotts and Lots.blogspot

Lotts and Lots.blogspot

DIY pellet shelves

Wood pellets are easy to be made as shelves. We just need to cut and install some pieces. However, the artistic part is the different level from the cuting part.

But here, Hi Consumption has a nice and thorough tutorial about this DIY wooden pellet shelves. And here. the shelves seem perfect for displaying books, photos or magazines.

DIY-pallets-shelves by-Hi-Consumption
Hi Consumption

DIY A-Frame Shelves

This DIY A frame is another simple to make shelves. The size is large. However, it takes time to complete the shelves. However, the tutorial seems easy to follow. The shape also is not complicated.

And, the result is more like shelves made by profesional designer or factory made.

amazing-DIY-wooden-A-frame-from-Vintage revival
Vintage Revival

DIY simple shelves with copper pipe frame

The shelves are basically made of leftover copper pipe with flat surface on the pipes. It seems that we can have 2 pipes if the shelf is short and 3 pipes if the shelf is long or the load is heavy.

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Amazing-wood-and-copper-pipe-shelves by A Joyful Riot
A Joyful Riot

Popsicle sticks hexagon shelves

This hexagon shelves is are not made of solid wood. Instead, these are made from popsicle sticks. So, do not expect any drill for installing and making the shelves. The sizes are sure small enough but the design is amazing.

Cool DIY Hexagon Shelves from eHow

DIY rope shelf

The rope used for this shelf has some short of eclectic style. The styling can match a farmhouse’ style. The process of making the shelf seems simple but if you like to know more about this rope shelf, you can find it at Burkatron.

DIY Rope Shelf by Burkatron

DIY Wooden crate shelves

These shelves are made of wooden crates. These materials are easy to get but the final result is astonishing. The DIY shelves below come in 2 colors and make the entire design even more impressive.


A DIY shelf doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. Here, these shelves are quite easy to make as DIY project and are easy to install.

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