Are you looking for ideas to decorate a youth and small bedroom? Below, we show you 18 great models of youth rooms for small spaces. They also include different solutions to gain a few centimeters, perceive it more broadly and organized. Colors that best suit small spaces Light tones with color accents bedroom-youth-small 1. Light tones are the great allies of small spaces when they are used as a base on the walls, these help to perceive more light and make it look wider than it is. Therefore, it is…

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Beautiful, Inspiring Modern Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

industrial-style kitchen idea by Jamie Drake

List of marvelous modern minimalist Kitchen design idea. From minimalist style into ones with rich detail. Kitchen is one of the most used room in a house. This is the place for preparing food, another important thing in opur live. If we work at dated kitchen, it may reduce the fun we can get when cooking. And, the kitchen itself may already have some quirks. So, remodelling the kitchen is probably the best solution. Most of the kitchens we posted here are minimalist. However, the kitchens are classy and look…

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Kitchen Design Software Online – List of Online Best Kitchen Design Apps

online kitchen design software free - punch software

Best paid and free online kitchen design software. There are lists of 19 free softwares and 5 paid softwares. A kitchen renovation takes quite of an effort. However, anything starts from a drawing of the new kitchen. The next is realizing the plan. However, there are many free and paid kitchen design software to help the process can be done easier. Kitchen Design Software It is important to draw with some short of standards. The drawing of the new kitchen has to be at least readable technically and can be…

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Types of Ceiling Lights


Types of ceiling lights and the use of each ceiling light type. The light patterns and the designs. There are some ceiling lighting types that we can use in different situations. Each lighting type can fit a special purpose nicely. However, we still can use one type of light to achieve some goals. So, What types of ceiling lights that we have in the market? Ceiling Lighting Types Chandeliers Chandelier is like jewellery of ceiling light. It is the most beautiful and admired ceiling light. Yes, chandelier is the most…

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List of Best Online Toy Stores


Find online toy stores including the ones that sell hard to find toys and custom toys. For All Ages can ship anywhere. In USA, toy and games purchases that are done through online store always increase so far. Since 2008, the sales has up to almost 44 million in 2016. This toy business itself is a billion dollars worth of business. The Danish LEGO has earned around $5.49 billion while American company Mattel scores around $5.46 billion in revenue. This company is responsible for famous brands like Barbia, Fisher-Price, Hot…

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Amazing Bedrooms Photo Gallery Ideas

Bedroom is a place where we spend important moment every dday. To have a nice rest. Bedroom probably is rarely used. Sometimes we work overtime and go home after 9 or 10 PM. And, we already leave our home again tomorrow at 7 AM. However, this room is very important. Our productivity may depend on how comfortable we can sleep at night. For myself, bedroom can be simple and gives the basic need for comfortable sleep, privacy and storage. Some decorations are great but not much. Since, I usually don’t…

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Types of Succulents

list of succulent types guide

There are many types of succulents including 1300 types od cacti. However, there are 60 more different types of succulents and around 10.000 plants with different color, shape and size. The word succulent itself comes from Latin word sucus. Which means “Sap.” The sap is the sap-filled leaves the succulent has. It is their main source of nourishment. This plant needs watering only when the soils is dry completely or regularly at 2 times a month. Succulent type – Echeveria This succulent is one of the most popular. It is…

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Complete list of Beautiful Home Architectural Styles Types

Craftsman-house design idea

A collection of famous architectural style worlwide for homes. Know the house you are about to buy or build. If I buy a house, then I just want to look for the location of the house. If I have enough money to make some options, then I would go for a house with design that fit my style. This design however, should look great despite the architectural style of the house. It can be modern house or barn-style house. As far as it looks great. As for today, if I…

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Types of Screws and Screw Heads Guide with Chart

screws bolts and nuts guide

Screws band screw heads types and uses. We put these together with chart to get better understanding about various typs of screws and the preferable¬† use. Before we start too far, It seems natural to speak in the same languange. At least, we agree about standard screws and screw head types. So, here’s the table: Actually, these screws and screw heads are quite different in their purposes. Some can be interchangable but some may not fit to fill others’ purposes. Screwhead Shapes Guide The shape of screwheads are different for…

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Amazing Fences Ideas with Styles, Patterns and Materials


Amazing and complete gallery of wonderful home fences in virtually all styles and materials. Match these with your own houses style for impaccable beauty. Fence can impact the aesthetic of a home in positive or negative way. It can engance the entire design and also can make the house looks and feels more homy. Since the beggining, fencing has so many functions ranges from separation purpose to aesthetic purpose. And, all in between and in the mix. The designs of a fence has also evolved. From simple fence with wood…

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