The 3 Types of Tiger Wood

what is tigerwood-texture use for

This tiger wood has 3 types with an array of application. Learn what type is suited to fill a purpose/ Also, Know what each type pros and cons for each application. Tiger wood is known as wood with exotic pattern. If not, it is the most exotic wood known to man. This Tiger Wood is also known as other names like African Walnut, Zorrowood, Bototo. Brazilian Koa or Congowood among some other names. The colors of this wood is of tan brown color in quite moderate tone. Plus, some mixture…

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Amazing Living Room Designs with Elegant Decorations

Amazing Living Room Designs with Elegant Decorations Living room is a place where family gather after long hours in the office. It should be a place where we feel happy and comfortable. Moreover, nice, elegant design also is desirable. It is nice to take inspirations from wonderful living room designed by professional. These rooms are truly awe inspiring and are worth to look at. Garrison Hullinger designed this living room with everlasting cream color. The high ceiling of the room seems adorned with calm accessorries. Clay Construction has built a…

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Beautiful Fences Designs for Privacy

privacy-fence-system-steep fence idea

With more fun activity with family and friends done outside, more and more outdoor grill, refrigerators, TV and more are installed. And then we need more protection for the area. And, more privacy. We spend nights more. We make more barbeque and invite more people. We also have a high enough fence to keep the place relatively private. But, an old fence doesn’t quite fit the ambiance. Here’s how: You may want another option. Well, some good fence with ambiance fit for the fun and relaxing purpose. And, maybe, more.…

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Hardwood Flooring – The Ultimate Buying Guide


Hardwood flooring can be costly. And we want to make you easy to pick just the right hardwood flooring for your interior. However, hardwood flooring is cool and warmth. The touch of wood in a house add calm yet welcoming ambiance. So, using wood as flooring is agreat choice. Hardwood Flooring Types Choosing hardwood flooring can be intimidating. But also can be so simple by just choosing the right texture and design. However, for You who want to know more about what ro consider when choosing hardwoord flooring, lets dig…

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Types of Houses by Basic Structure


According to the basic structure, we can divide house into at least 30 structures. Why we need to know all these types? Well, maybe we want to know what type of our house is. Maybe some people just know they buy a house or more but never know about the type. Except fot the aesthetic style like wood house, concrete house or glass house. But, I think it is interesting to know types of houses. The reason? just because we are interested with that. Single Family ( Detached ) House…

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Best Used Furniture Store Lists

used furniture online store

Used furniture stores are quite useful for us. We don’t always want to buynew furniture. Maybe you want a classic furniture that is no longer available in the new market. Also, we may want to sell our furniture too. So, here are the best used furniture stores available today. Starting your own shopify store Well, doesn’t sound quite easy for the beginning. But we can grow the store and get more cusromers. We can purchase used furniture, restore it and sell it again. Shopufi itself is an online store template…

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50+ Beautiful Flowers which Start with S

how to grow saguaro

These 50 beautiful flowers with names that start with S. But it is not only about the photos, we also include some key growing informations for each flower. This list is a long list of beautiful flowers that start with S. Some of these flowers are already famous where some others are not so well known by people. But, these flowers are sure very wonderful. And that’s enough to say that this is what we’re looking for when we start to grow flowers in garden. Snapdragon The name is now also used by populer smartphone processor.  But…

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How to Decorate your Bedrooms without Windows?

erene bedroom with vertical glass wall garden

Today we want to show you great ideas to decorate and optimize a bedroom without windows. Different solutions to achieve a well-lit, ventilated space with magnificent visual appeal. illumination One of the main problems of a room without windows is the lack of natural light, consequently, little light in your bedroom can become depressing, our mood low. Also, the lack of light contributes to worsen our vision. Therefore, it is essential to consider different sources of artificial lighting and that the lack of light in the bedroom goes unnoticed. Decorate…

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The perfect armchair is by Patricia Urquiola and Moroso

Patricia Urquiola and Moroso do not get tired of collaborating because the formula works. The famous designer and architect from Oviedo already delighted us in 2011 with a mix of chair and chaise longue that she created for Moroso, a prestigious Italian firm specialized in furniture that never ceases to amaze us. On this occasion, they have launched an armchair that I personally love. He has everything to become the perfect piece of a reading corner designed to spend hours and hours “swallowing” books. The colors you have chosen to…

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Children’s beds IKEA 2019

The IKEA world goes a long way. Not only are they specialists in furniture for the living room, dining room or kitchen, but they also know how to convince parents that they are in the process of creating a nursery for their children. A good example of its catalog is found in the section of children’s beds, which are for sale from very affordable prices and have designs that are not bad, although it is true that if you are looking for something special you will have to go to…

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