Bathroom – How to Bring Nature to Bathroom?

cool natural bathroom tips

Actually, there are simple steps on how to bring nature to bathroom. The Simple way would be bringing plants inside but at the most extreme, we can bring the bathroom to the nature.

See the bathrooms below and take a look at what the designers have done to bright nature inside a bathroom.

Tips on how to bring nature inside a bathroom – build bathroom with garden view

Inviting a garden into a bthroom can be done by using glass wall with garden view. It is the easy way but make sure that you also has the privacy from neighbours.

This bathroom is an amazing one with wood look floor and wall. The bathroom is serene as well as warmth and inviting

atural bathroom tips with garden view

  • Wonderful treetops bathroom with shower gutter

This bathroom is an impressive one built around treetops. This upper level bathroom uses the green surrounding nicely. Even the shower head is amde as air gutter with rustic style. The ambiance is serene as well as very beautiful.

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cool natural bathroom tips

  • Bathroom with rustic driftwood vanity

It is am easier way to brinng nature into the bathroom. Adding driftwood into bathroom can instanly add charm of nature inside. Not all of us have bathroom and house near exotic location with trees like shown above. So, for myself, I think I need to bring parts of nature inside my bathroom. Not the opposite.

natural bathroom design with rustic wooden vanity

  • How to bring nature into bathroom? – bring nature wallpaper

If it is necesarry, use wallpaper with nature pattern inside and use some furniture pieces with wood style. Such log stools are really wonderful complement to the bathroom to infuse nature inside.

natural bathroom making tips using nature wallpaper

  • Bring natural light inside

We can bring natural light from above with glass roof. There’s noting feels more outdoor and natural than the sunlight itself. This bathroom is fenomenal, the wood cabinet is warmth and the bathtub is so elegant. This bathroom as a whole is a cool bathroom with very strong natural sense.

We still can feel that we are in a nature when we use this bathroom. Despite the home itself maybe is located in the busy city.

natural bathroom tips with natural light glass roof

  • Make a garden inside the bathroom

If the bathroom is at the middle of the house, open the roof for sunlight and make a small garden inside. This bathroom even comes with gravel decoration too.

natural bathroom tips with pebble and garden and natural light

  • Rustic bathroom with natural wooden wall and rough stone bathtub

This bathroom is an impressive one with rustic style. The stone bathtub is made of rough stone slabs and looks awesome. The Plants are planted in vintage pendant lamp / lantern and there’s a lso a chair with classic style.

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natural bathroom tips with stone and wood

  • Bring impressive waterfall wallpaper into the bathroom

This bathroom is so impressive with its waterfall wallpaper. The wooden wall and floor connect the bathroom with the nature of the waterfall. Abd there, the stepped wooden floor makes the natural inpression much stronger. The floor is just “as” inclined as the stones at the waterfall itself.

natural bathroom with fireplace

  • Make a garden with stone wall for the bathroom

This bathroom is a cool bathroom with stone wall, gravelo and trees around. It is a natural bathroom and looks so amazing.

natural bathroom with garden

  • Modern bathroom with stone wall, wooden wall and bamboo decoration

This bathroom is a warmth bathroom with natural touch. We can add stone wall to the bathroom and wooden wall atanother side of the wall. These walls however, can be real stone wall or made of wallpaper. But, the ambiance is really inviting. And, we also can add some bamboo poles to give another touch of nature and beauty.

natural bathroom with wood and bamboo accessories

  • Bathroom with natural colors and vines

This bathroom is a cool bathroom decorated with vines and wall with natural colors of green and brown. The rug is like grass and one of the wall is made of glass. There, the sunlight can easily enter the bathroom and makes the bathroom feels fresh.

natural zen bathroom design tips with plants inside-by-bizkitfan

Building a bathroom with natural touch will make us feels more relax. Furthermore, bathroom is the space where guest usually judge a house and the owners silenty. So, having a nice bathroom can help us to be considered as good by our friends and relatives.

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