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How to Make Small Bathroom Bigger

How to make small bathroom bigger? Small bathroom still can be pretty efficient to use. It can store anything we need and can accommodate a few more accessories. However, just as another space, it needs to be free from clutter. Is taht enough? Not really, but we still can add some touches to make the small bathroom looks bigger.

There are some ways to make small bathroom  bigger.

Instead of using cabinet that takes up space, a lot, we need a much simpler and more efficient storage baskets. Storage baskets are enough for few towels and any other items you may want to use in yout bathroom.

small bathroom with under the sink storage

  • Use Mirrors

Mirrors are the basic item we should have in small interior, including bathroom. Large mirror would “double” the space.

We can use mirror at one end of a wall to trully make the bathroom feels bigger. At least, we can use large mirror to get a sense of spaciousness.

  • Make the bathroom colorful

Rather than white and some other neutral, almost boring colors, use vibrant accent for the bathroom. It makes the bathroom feel cheerful. The colors energize us. We don’t have to paint the wall for that purpose. We can use wallpaper, wall art and even rug to add vibrancy to a bathroom. And, don’t forget about curtain too.

colorful bathroom design

  • Minimalist style

Just let only anything necesaary in the bathroom. We don’t need a few more than what we really need. If we are disciplined enough not taking unecesarry things inside bathroom, the bathroom would be clutter free. The result is a much better feeling about the space.

minimalist small bathroom design

  • If we want a bathtub, we must save space somewhere

Bathtub is large and in a small bathroom, it can be felt so huge. Also, we need to invest in a wonderful bathtub that is easy on the eye. A bathtub with curve design like show below will not save any space. However the curved design looks lighter and more slim in such small space.

small bathroom with creative storage

  • Extend the medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinet can be used to store anything. We can use a longer and bigger medicine cabinet if necesaarry. Also, we can use one with mirror front.

  • Get towel bar

Towel bar is an efficient way to store towel. We can avoid towel storage from occupy our horizontal spaces. Moreover, we can stack the towel bar too making the space even more efficient.

small bathroom with extended storage medicine cabinet

  • Use small table for storage or display

Instead of “permanent” furniture, a small table will help us a lot. We can move the table to the place where we want. Table also won’t block our way. Furthermore, we can use table to display flowers and anything else. We can use table for decorating purpose.

small bathroom decorating with small table

  • Decorating the bathroom

Bathroom decoration can make the bathroom feels more fresh and looks more interesting. In small bathroom, small pots or platers would help us to relax even more.

Beutiful shelves with wonderful plants like shhown below would make us forget that the bathroom is not quite large. The size of the bathroom maybe limited. But, the experience is fun and refreshing.

small bathroom with glass door for shower

  • Store vertically

If our space is limited horizontally, we may need to store vertically. However, to make the top storage accessible, we can use stool or even raise the shower area like shown in the picture below.

small bathroom with vertical storage

Bathroom with limited space still can be decorated to make it more functional and beautiful. We can feel happy having small bedroom but if the arrangement is not cramped. There should be space for any need and space to store anything.

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