Beautiful Fences Designs for Privacy

privacy-fence-system-steep fence idea

With more fun activity with family and friends done outside, more and more outdoor grill, refrigerators, TV and more are installed. And then we need more protection for the area. And, more privacy.

We spend nights more. We make more barbeque and invite more people. We also have a high enough fence to keep the place relatively private.

But, an old fence doesn’t quite fit the ambiance. Here’s how:


You may want another option. Well, some good fence with ambiance fit for the fun and relaxing purpose.

And, maybe, more. You want the fence to be better looking in better neighborhood.

So, what we have here is a list of wonderful fences ideas. These fences are great enough for any purpose. And, the fences are fine example from every fence type.

Wood and Metal Backyard Fence Design

wood-metal-privacy fence design

Maybe, if we want something different from a wood fence, we need to add metal on it. The metal parts are for posts and frames. The wood pickets can be unfinished in natural look. Or, treated with natural look.

The combination of the wood and metal can exude modern style and warmth. Two tones colors can be applied for wood and the metal.

Horizontal Fence


Horizontal fence means the woode pickets are arranged horizontally. This design is more of your taste.  If, you compare to the traditional vertical wood pickets arrangement.

But again, metal framing can help alot in making the fence looks wonderful as a whole.

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Dark metal frames just as we can see here looks so wonderful. It is a great color accents for the dark wood.

For a fence like this, we can fill the gap between the wooden pickets / boards to ensure better privacy.

Another good reason for building fence like this is, it lasts quite long. As far as the wood is durable wood, the fence can last for years providing nice privacy and supporting the backyard’s ambiance.

Bamboo backyard fence

bamboo metal fence design

A bamboo backyard fence is less private than wood fence. There are always small gap between the bamboo rods. But, the aestheatic appeal is great. Bamboo fence has unique round shape that can make the ambiance feels more traditional and warmth.

If you like, you can paint the bamboo rod. However, bamboo is already wonderful in its natural color.

And if you also like, you can grow real bamboo to be used as fence. But use bamboo that size is not quite huge.

Bambusa Textilis Gracilis is populer bamboo for hedges and screening bamboo. Bamboo is considered as tropical plant but some can drow in USA too.

Indocalamus latifolius is a small bamboo that grows up to 10 feet. Usually, it grows up to 6 to 7 ft tall. Hardiness zone: 7a to 9.

Well, that’s just bonus. We discuss man made fence with natural material or man made material.

Corrugated metal fence


Corrugated metal fence looks a little more industrial and not natural at all. But, it is also a great design in natural setting too. A metal fence in its natural color can be a surprise in calm and green space. It can be interesting and makes it as a great backdrop to other things in the backyard.

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Decorated backyard fence


Backyard fence can also be decorated. If you have some “sections” of the fence, decorating one can be interesting.

This decorated fence has big N letter on it. It is well, eye xatching and make the look pretty uniqre.

Vinyl backyard fence


Vinyl is inexpensive fence material that can get us decent privacy and style. It comes with varuious colors and styles. However, we need steel posts and frames to make the vinyl boards work as a sturdy fence.

And as for the installation, vinyl is really easy to install comparing to ther fence material like bamboo. Moreover, the vinyl boards usually are large and require less time to install.

Stepped backyard fence

privacy-fence-system-steep fence idea

Stair stepped backyard fence is a great fence for aesthetic purpoce. Especially, when the land is inclined.  This fencing can be made more interesting by using some filling for the gaps between the fence and the land. The filling can be rock, white rocks or anything else that’s natural and interesting.

Wood metal fence design

privacy-fence-ideas - black-metal-cedar fence combination

It is a little bit difference from the previous design. Here, the wood and the fence repeating more frequently in order. The metal parts take more portion.

And when the colors of the 2 have wonderful contrast, the result is amazing.

Small area fence

fencetrac - privacy wire fence design

Sometimes, we just don’t want any fence high enough or fence to enclose anything in out backyard. So, small area fencing is possible. Or, low fence also is possible.

We may want fence to be effective for pet ( dog ) or children. But, we still want open view to the surrounding area.

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This small fence however, also is effective to protect kids from entering pool without supervision.

Backyard fence gate

privacy-fence-ideas two tones wood fence

Backyard fence gate can be so interesting. Gate can be painted differently from the fence. Also, the design can be differentiated.

Backyard fence gate, just as the fence itself, can be various in design. It can be made of wood and metal as well as from bamboo and metal or bamboo and wood combination.

Other tips for fence

There are some tips accoring fence. Once the fence is built, opportunity arises.

We still can decorate the fence if needed or adding useful features like hanger for tools.

We aslo install lattice on top of the fence and build small garden or just small flower bed along the fence.

wood-metal-privacy fence design

And yes, choosing material for fencing can be quite daunting. What we need maybe wood that is weather resistant and the one that won’t fade under direct sun.

If you come to a store, make sure that the wood meet the specification. Usually, there are some guides about wood, its hardness, its other properties and its use.

Stained wood can be great for fencing. Stain can make the fence looks more interesting as well as lasts longer.

Fence for backyard is a ecessity if we have equipments installed in the backyard. We may not be at home from morning until afternoon. So, the backyard and the equipment, at least safer than if ther’s no fence at all.

Moreover, since the backyard is a p[lace for fun, we may need to make the fence around it looks better and fit the entire ambiance and spirit. Have a ive decorating and good luck!

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