Beautiful Ways to Use Gray in The Interior

Gray red man cave design

Gray is known as depressing color. However, the result also depends on the entire design combination. It is not about the color itself but is is about the style of entire interior. It the entire design is great, and the gray comes in just enough portion. The entire design is still great and feels comfortable.

So, there are some womnderful gray interiors here designed by professional. All are wonderful and all are great examples on how to use gray color properly.

So, in what ways gray color are wonderful and appropriate to use? There are a few examples.

Gray make the man cave feels cozy. This color make the room has appropriate depth and calming as well. Why a place like this is loved by men? It sure because of it has sense of solitude as well as fun. This is a place where a man expect to spend some moments undisturbed.

Having different shades of colors add depth and bold effect. And, we can always use dark gray to make the bold effect. Gray is simple, calm and can blend nicely with other colors. So adding dark gray and some lighter gray can make the room to have dramatic ambience.

Gray red man cave design

  • Making a luxury bathroom

Bathroom with dark color is easy to be made luxury. Charcoal, slate and shade of silver are wonderful colors to complement a bathroom. We can paint or use wallpaper in bathroom with these colors.

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cool lavish luxury bathroom with gray wall

  • Gray color for calming bedroom

Light gray bedroom can be so calming. Instaed of white, gray is a little darker and thus, add the calming ambience to the room.

And there, the charcoal gray and the green blend nicely making the bedroom looks serene.

Beautiful Ways to Use Gray in The Interior

  • Use gray color for ready to sell house

Many home buyer want a house that is ready to be furnished without too much retouching and repainting. White is great color to choose. But, white paint can’t hide small imperfections on the wall. On the other hand, gray color can. And the interior is still wonderful to look at and is still neutral in design.

If we already have the wall painted in gray, we need to paint the trim in brighter colors like white or light grey. We may not need to paint the trim with something brighter like yellow color. Well, just make the house and interior feel more natural and the look flow naturally.

make the wall gray when about to sell the house

  • Use gray color for nursery room

Gray color is a neutral color so a nursery room will need just small accessories to make it either boy or girl. Or, we just can let the nursery as a gender neutral nursery. The same thing applies to the nursery room made for baby that will born in the next few months. We can let the design to be neutral if we decide to find out the gender of the baby after the baby born.

Baby nursery gray room idea

  • Gray for luxury kitchen

Colors like pewter gray, gray blue and slate gray make an impression of reliable and simple as well. Having a kitchen decorated and painted in gray would also ensure timeless style.

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luxury kitchen makeover with gray color

  • Making luxury statement

In a living room like this, the darker gray color of the wall makes the bold staement about depth and luxury. Without the lighter gray for the ceiling and darker gray wall, the living room will never get such strength character.

Decorating and interior in gray actually can make the ambience of an interior feel better. If we want an interior with depth and character, but still neutral in ambiance, we need gray color. However, it is best to pair the gray with more vibrant color or natural color of wood to make the best visual appeal.

Gray color idea for depth and bold decoration idea in the living room

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