Bedroom with Gardens for Tropical Bedroom Feel

upper floor treetop garden bedroom idea

Bedroom with garden can easily exude tropical ambiance in a bedroom. The look and feel of bedroom with garden is serene and relaxing. And as these bedrooms with garden, the design and atmosphere is also satisfying. These bedrooms are inspiring, wonderful and fun to use.

A Bedroom with garden is a beautiful bedroom. We don’t have to put any plant inside but we can use glass for wall and doors. We can use glass door to invite the real garden view to the bedroom. And, there This bedroom is located in Jamaica and really has impressive sight from the outdoor.

Amazing garden room design idea Couples Negril Jamaica Resort
Couples Negril Jamaica Resort
  • Bedroom with tropical garden

This bedroom is a bedroom for a resort and has wonderful garden view. The garden there seems to be a real tropical garden and the ebdroom itself has beautiful tropical design inside. The bed is made of wood with curved headboard. The cupboard also is from wood and has a very nice curving detail.

Garden hotel interior design Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa
Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa
  • Bedroom with private garden and pool

This bedroom is a beautiful and timeless bedroom with pool. The bedroom has high ceiling and vintage design. The bedding is accented in lime green color and the wall art is vibrant. The garden and pool can be accessed from the 2 sliding glass doors. This garden is beautiful, serene and has a wonderful coconut tree.

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master bedroom with garden and pool

  • Bedroom at corner surrounded by garden

This bedroom is an amazing one. The ceiling is high and the view outside is beautiful.

Modern bedroom design idea with private garden Villa-Melissa-Bali
Modern bedroom with garden view Headland Villa-Taling-Ngam
Headland Villa-Taling-Ngam
  • Modern calm bedroom with big skylight and green wall

This bedroom is a wonderful bedroom with natural style. The wall is rustic, has rough surface and has brown color. The design and color are so earthy. The floor for the bedroom is black and looks so calm and neutral in the bedroom.

At the roof, this bedroom features large skylight that cab bring a lot of sunlight. This sunlight however, is used to lit up the wall garden and the bamboo plants below.

This bedroom as a whole is wonderful, natural and seems so warmth and fun.

natural rustic bedroom with large atrium and interior garden

  • Prefrabricated glass bedroom in the lakeside garden

A special bedroom at a lakeside like shown below is amazing. The Bedroom part is made almost entirely from glass. The design is sure serene and looks as subtle addition to the surrounding.

prefab glass garden bedroom shed by-ville-hara-and-linda-bergroth
Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth
  • Modern minimalist bedroom with vertical garden

It is seems not practical to have a bedroom with garden next to it, we can go vertical. A vertical garden can be as beautiful as other gardens. This bedroom has wonderful long planters that are stacked together. The plants are various but look so harmonious too.

erene bedroom with vertical glass wall garden

  • Beautiful bedroom with glass wall and treetop view

An upper floor bedroom can be made as a wonderful bedroom. The wall of the bedroom can be made of glass so the view is amazing. This treetops view is sure relaxing and the sky view is also amazing. Having a view like this expands the bedroom and make the feeling much more relax.

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And if you thing that the view is enough, then it is not. The ceiling for this bedroom is very high. Anyone in the bedroom can see the treetops directly making the feeling is much more relaxing.

upper floor treetop garden bedroom idea

Bedroom as the space to sleep can be made more relaxing than ever. One of the best ways in by opening the bedroom into a garden. Or, at least, we can build a small garden inside a bedroom.  That way, we can make a bedroom that has no direct access to a garden feels relaxing too.

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