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Simple tricks to make small bedroom bigger

To be honest, it is quite difficult to put all we need in a small bedroom. We need to think about functionality and artistic appeal of the bedroom. And, we also need to feel comfortable being in the bedroom. It should be the place for us to have a nice rest so it has to be nice too.

  • Using smaller bed

King-size bed is comfortable. Yes, it is large and really convenient. However it takes more space than a queen-sized bed. Smaller bed can save some 30% space than a king-size bed. However, there are wonderful queen beds around and we can choose from abundant options.

In the picture below, the metal bed frame also is slim enough to look at. So nice and enchanting to look at.


  • Using creative clothes hanger

We may need to forget abot having big bulky closet. What we need may be as simple as a branch clothes hanger. The branch can be painted in wonderful colors to make it even more interesting. More, we can easily see the options for clothing that we have for today.

branch hanger for small bedroom

  • Painting the bedroom bright

Bright colors make the bedroom feels bigger. Dark colors add depth to the space and it can be used only if you like dark color.

Dark, small bedroom won’t make you get up as easy as in a bright bedroom in the morning. There’s a cozy ambiance that make us want to have more rest.

However, bright bedroom also needs some vibrant color touch to make it a little bit more livable.

bright -bedroom-paint-for-small-bedroom

  • Use hanging lamp

Hanging lamp is a must have item in a small bedroom. We don’t need to put the lamp on the table since we need the table too.

Using hanging lamp also enables us to use bright light. If we have a plan to use the bedroom as home office too, we will need that bright light.

Maybe it is just my preference, but I prefer to have bright light above me than using a desk lamp when working. The room with uniform lighting feels more comfortable for me.

Using hanging light also can make the light a center of attention in the room.

center hanging pendant-lamp-to-make-small-room-bigger

  • Get bed risers or loft bed

Bed risers are inexpensive and can left us with space for storage beneath the bed. However, a loft bed is sure much better option. How much spave we can gain with a risen bed? A loft bed can replace the space for closet, wardrobe and even a space for sitting.

We can even py out TV under the loft bed. Put a couch under it and any other option. The loft space is a free space actually and we can make it useful.

loft bed for space saving

  • Use bookcase headboard

Bookcase headboard will make the headboard area useful as well as feels spacious. If the bookcase is low just like the one in the picture, the room would larger.

modern headboard bookcase idea

  • Use mirror for the small bedroom

Mirror also ia a must have item in a small beroom. Mirror “doubles” the space and helps to light up the room more uniformly. Mirror helps the small room to be brighter and feels more fresh.

If you like to use closet, you can choose closet with mirror on its door.  But if a closet is not your option, at least put mirrors on one side of the wall and feel the very much difference in spaciousness.


Making small bedroom feels more spacious would require some effort and maybe some sacrifation. We love a king bed but it is not always the option for us.

However, designers have given us examples on how to deal with limited space. The above examples are not all of the examples but these can bring us some inspirations.

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