Best Neutral Colors for Nursery Room


Nursery room is a room where a baby will spend most of his / her time. The design of a nursery room should feel comfy yet encourage the baby to be active. The room has to be calm enough for sleepin as well as fun for playing.

Colors of a room as usual, has psychological impact to the people inside. A bedroom, in the other hand is a place to rest. But a nursery room can has function as a playroom too. A baby will play inside the nursery fo hours. So, we also need to encourage our baby to be active too.

Neutral colors, is wonderful since it can provide calming and active stimulation. However, there are some tricks used in these rooms worth to be noted when using the neutral colors.

It is a calming nursery room in general. However, there’s an accent color that make the baby room feel vibrant. The bedding set. Once the baby sleep in the crib. she wouldn’t notice the vibrancy. However, once she is on the floor, tyhe pink may help a little bit to add extra charm and cheerful ambiance.


  • Blue and white nursery room

this nursery room is a vibrant one. The blue accent for the wall is so cool and is quite dominant. The ambiance is cheerful and this nursery room fits as a playroom too. By adding toys inside, we can have a cool playroom inside such vibrant nursery room.

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  • Gray nursery room

Gray is a simple choice for a neutral room. Howeveer, the color has a tendency to become sad color. It is best to mix the color with some red accents like shown below. This red color seems great to make the baby more active when playing on the rug. There, darker gray is used for the rug and amrchair. The wall however, is lighter in gray and the window is completed with white curtain.

Best Neutral Colors for Nursery Room

  • Purple nursery room

Purple has a few popular shades like lavender and lilac. This coilor fits for a gorgeous nursery room and is associated with royalty. Purple is a beautiful color that a little bit more on the vibrant side than in the neutral side. However, it is still calming when we choose the right shade of purple.


  • White nursery room

White is always a neutral color of choice for nursery room and other room. It is easy to decorate a nursery room with white color as a base color. We can put some red accents and the room soon turns into red. If we put some green, the nursery room turns into green too.

This color is easy to match with anything and can be made really neutral. However, it is best to mix some vibrant color inside white nursery room.

This room hal wood laminate flooring and blue accents from the storage bins. The nursery is sure neutral in color but much more livable with the combination colors.


  • Brown nursery room

This beige nursery room comes with dark brown wooden crib. The combination of the entire color is soft and far from intimidating. This nursery room is not meant to develop a spacial atmosphere. We can just sit there without realizing that there’s a chandelier, wall art or curtain. The decors are so subtle yet really beautiful when we pay attention to them.


tan- neutral-baby-nursery-room-design

Neutral-colored nursery room is a great nursery where a baby can grown and learn. The baby can sleep and rest well at night. Anything is quiet. At day, when the baby plays, we can give him some vibrant and interesting toys to stimulate him.

Nursery room doesn’t have to be pink or blue and soo vibrant. A bedroom however, is a place to sleep and neutral colors may help to sleep better.

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