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Used furniture stores are quite useful for us. We don’t always want to buynew furniture. Maybe you want a classic furniture that is no longer available in the new market. Also, we may want to sell our furniture too.

So, here are the best used furniture stores available today.

Starting your own shopify store

Well, doesn’t sound quite easy for the beginning. But we can grow the store and get more cusromers. We can purchase used furniture, restore it and sell it again.

Shopufi itself is an online store template with more than 100 theme designs. The UI is easy to understand with drag and drop features. It also has complete features including options for payment.


There’s a 14 days trial for Shopify. After that, we can sign up and use the pay service that fits our needs. The plan starts  from $29 for a month.

Plus side:

There are analytics tools to help us determine the success of our sales.

24/7 Customer support to solve uor online store’s problem.


What is great abaout this platform is, the listings are organized in photo gallery. So, as you may imagine, photo quality is king here to attract customers.

There’s an app that we can install in our smartphone. We can take pictures, filling the price and details about our listings and ready to sell.

The great thing here is, there’s a chat feature so we can interact directly with buyers.


It is completely free. There’s no hidden cost / fees when listing items with Apps or online.

Plus side:

The site and Apps show buyer other items we also sell. So, we have much better opportunities to sell our items.


This site is an alternatife to Amazon and eBay. The great thing about this site is, it is integrated with Google. So, we can expect tio get our furniture faster to our customers.

What we need to do is just to set up an online store front. This store front is easier to create than setting our own website. .


Bonanza does not charge for listing fees and set up cost. But we pay commision with rate that we have defined before based of the advertising options. However, more rate, more buyer visit we can get from Google Shopping.

We also never be charged more than the maximum advertising budget that we have set befora. Moreover, if we stop the advertising campaign, we still can share the product links for free, And no cost when the products are sold.

Offer Up

OfferUp actually is a place to sell anything from car to furniture. We only need to download its app and install. After that, we only have to take photos of the furniture and upload them via the apps.

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We also have to fill some details lika location and the description of the product. And, there’s also a chat feature that we can use to communicate with our customers.


The cost like shipping and service are disclosed before we sell the item. But, there’s no cost for the listing and the making of the listing itself. So, expect o hidden cost when using this service.

As another marketplace, buyers will see items related to their prefference next to the item they are seing. However, buyers also use keywords to search for items. Making the search easier and another option to sell.


Etsy is not only about jewelry or vintage clothing. We also can sell our used furniture here.

As for the great thing about Etsy, this marketplace is huge. The market is from around the world with millions potential buyers.


Costs are pain when your furniture is sold except for the $0.20 listing fee. The listing stays in Etsy for 4 months or until it is sold.

The total costs include 5% transaction fee and 3% + $0,25 payment processing fee. We can use the Sell on Etsy Apps to manage anything from orders to making respond to buyers.


This resale site is a large one in size and selling volume. It is a cross between Boho and Flea market chic. If we want to seel either indoor or outdoor furniture, this is just the perfect place to go.

We can upload to 6 pictures for our listings. Chairish has the Chairish Pink Book to help us to see the value of our items. Moreover, this site also helps us to remove the background of the image. So, we can use the image for listing cover.

We are responsible for the shipping for small items. But, big and heavy items requires buyer to pay for the shipping and handling.

However, if the sale is local, we can arrangethe shipment with the buyer including for free shipment.


The commision is about 20% os sales up to $2500. But for more expensive items, the commission ranges from 3% to12%.


Chairish is not a great place to sell used IKEA Furniture. This marketplace is more for design oriented people. Items that are usually sold here are like mid century coffe table or dining table with exceptional condition.


This website is a cool website that is visited by furniture dealers, antique furniture shops and galleries, collectors, designers and curators.

We have to complete a dealer application to start selling. Once completed and approved, we can make our listings here. Also, we get an account manager to schedule and monitor the shipping of our items.


Monthly fee and additional commision. The value is 15% for an item sold and 3% service fee for credit card.

This marketplace has a showroom in NYC. There are displays there abut desingers who have used the marketplace to sell to sell their uniqeu products.


This site has money back guarantee policy, free returns and flat rate delivery. So, it is a great place to sell ( and buy ) since customers can trust us more.

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As for furniture, the cost for listings are free. But they will help you to sell the furiture. The number is disclosed before the item is listed.

They process the payment after the item has been delivered. The money is transferred  to our account in 2 to 5 business days.


We have to live in New Jersey and New York City to list here. And soon, residents of Boston and Philadephia can make a list here.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

This marketplace can be used by people from almost anywhere on earth. The Apartment Therapy itself is a prominent website with home and interior design theme. The community is huge and the marketplace itself is community driven.

There, we can sell vintage furniture and accessories.

The way to sell here also is simple. Just create a storefront and and start fill the listing.


So far, the use for the site is free. And, there’s on-site transaction too.

As for easyness, there are Apps for iPhone and Android available for the site. Also, we can easily share the listing in our social media.


This marketplace is similar to a Consigment Store. We can sell and buy not only used furniture here.

We only need to fill the details for the photos, detailed descriptions and add the time you are available for buyer.

We also get options regarding payments. We can accept credit card or cash. But, we are responsible for the service fee for the credit card. And as buyer, we can decide to search items within the travel distance we are willing to go.


10% commision fee when the item is sold.

This site tries to elliminate the selling process by filtering the search by city or ZIP Code if you want to use these features.

Also, you can share a link to our items to social media too.

Sotheby’s Home

This marketplace was known as Viyet. Here, the site keeps quality home furniture and accessories like lighting.

Here, the low price for the furniture must be $1000 or more. The furniture also should be designer’s brand and in good condition. It can be vintage, mildly used or mint condition.


There are commisions for the sale starting from 50% if your items are less than 20. Or, 40% if your items are more than 21.

The listing lasts for 6 months.  Moreover, the site itself will sent an email blast for your customers with all details of your products.


It is a marketplace best know to sell evrything. We can always fing anything with any condition here in the Craiglist. We can sell cars and furniture with ease. The potential buyers are a lot. But, just as the cars, we need to pick up the furniture in person.

This Craiglist is local marketplace where no shipping is handled by Craiglist. This job is for us to make the shipping arrangements.


Free to list furniture in Craiglist.

Craiglist is a search engie. So, we can use keyword to list our products here.

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Facebook Marketplace

Thiis platform is a great platform for selling used furniture. Here, buyers are directed to the sellers or items close to their location.

That’s a great thing because th potential buyers can shop anything that doesn’t require to much effort for shipping.

If you want more, You can put your listing to local FB garage sales sites. This will boost your customer reach.


It’s all free for using Facebook Marketplace. We only need to arrange each transaction individually including the shipping to customer.

This Facebook Marketplace is one of the best apps for selling furniture online. Not only because the reach is fat. But also the cost is virtually free.


This is a site with global sales so we can sell items to almost anywhere in the world.

As you know, there are 2 options in selling furniture and other items.

  • We sell furniture at fixed price.
  • We sell furniture with auction.

But, whatever your option, please don’t forget to include photos of your product.

And, as for shipment, we can choose local pickup for items which are heavy or large. Making the shipment expensive.

This eBay is a long success story in internet marketplace. Yes there are some imperfections but as a whole, the transactions from eBay are majority legit.

Even sending automotive parts to third world countries end up well. Although it may take up to 2 or 3 weeks for the package to arrive.

Tips for selling used furniture online

The first timer who sell used furniture online may sell another someday. Or, You may want to sell anything else. So, review from buyers is quite important here among other important things.

Write accutare and complete description

This is very important. We don;t want to hide anything because the review is again, very important.

The furniture we use should be described if we use the furniture in smoking home. Or, if we use the furniture with pets. We also need to describe and make photo about scratch, material details or features.

This accuracy is important so buyers can expect what the may get precisely.

Research market prices

We need to make a research on the prices of teh similar furniture that we sell. There are so many platform to sell furniture. So, we also need to research from platform that best fit our furniture items.

Well prepared the furniture

It is quite important to prepare the furniture so it reaches the “ready to use” condition. Also, it should be clean and not containing hair, crumbs, coins etc.

Use good Photos

Good photos can describe what we sell better that words. By using the right photos, buyers can “feel” the furniture from afar.

Well, these are sites to sell used furniture online. Good luck.

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