Black and White Small Apartment Interior Idea

This black and white apartment is an amazing one with complete features. The design is classic and timeless as well. Also, there are some creative and luxury touches in the apartment too. And there, the designer shows how to add black color accents to the white interiors. So, what makes the interior of this apartment beautiful?

A closet with beautiful chandelier can mae the space more inviting. The shade from the lighting can be so beautiful. As for design, this closet itself seems large ebnough to store so many things inside

  • Calm white living room with black curtain addition

Adding black accents for white living room can be done with adding black curtain. As simple as that. No painting needed and we can change the ambiance easily. Let say, if we want this living room to be “softer,” we can change the curtain into soft blue colored curtain.

However, we may also need to change some decorative items on the stair shelves too.

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As for the design, this living room is cool and has high ceiling. There, the curtain is hanged to the ceiling to emphasize the height and distract the eyes from the narrow space. And there, the ladder shelves are really creative and interesting as well as the gold lamp and the silver planter.
  • A corner with black round table and chairs

This is the space just next to the living room. There’s a set of black table with 4 chairs. There, the chairs look luxurious with silver legs and striped backrest.

  • Calm living room with luxury accents

The living room actually is calm in white color. The black color there is just an addition as well as gold and silver color. The chandelier is in gold and makes the living room looks luxurious.

  • Amazing black hutch with floating storage addition

This storage is awseome. The size is huge and the color is simply black. The look of the storage is interesting and add character to the white space.

  • Black kitchen with floating cabinets

The kitchen is a hart of a house. And there, the kitchen is all black making the entire space beautiful and timeless.

  • Luxury black bathroom idea

Some people suggest to use white color for small space. But small space won’t feel any larger with white colored wall anyway. So, making the space interesting is a better choice. The designer(s) make the bathroom dark and use some pure black accents. The bathroom becomes cozy and interesting as well. It is like a playhouse inside a playroom. The playhouse is sure small but is more interesting.

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  • Black laundry area

Even the laundry machine is black and bold. There, the bathroom vanity is covered with fabric but the countertop is glass tiles. Moreover, the backsplash comes in metal pattern making the bathroom feels like an industrial style bathroom.

  • Large bright window

Large windows are necesarry to make the apartment bright and feels fresh

  • Bedroom with relaxing room

In this apartment, the rocking chair is placed outside the bedroom. It seems that the owner(s) want t to sleep and relax in different room. Close but do not want to mix the purpose of each other. Sitting on a rocking chair while reading is different from sleeping.

  • White bedroom with black, comfortable bedding

A black and white bedroom doesn’t have to have wall painted in black. Instead, there are lots of accessories that can be used to bring the black accents inside. Bedding set is one of these as well as the wall arts and even electric socket.

  • Beautiful white dresser

White dresser with arching mirror in classic style vcan be the best decoration for a calming bedroom.

  • Decorative ladder shelves with beautiful handbags for display

Either being used or displayed, the handbags are wonderful. Furthermore, these handbags are black.

  • White classic balcony with black railing

This is just the perfect space for relaxing. Either day or night. sitting on the balcony is refreshing.
  • Bedroom with small black and white wall art and dark table lamp shade

This bedroom is calming but having all white in a bedroom is not cool. So, small black accents are necesarry.

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