Bohemian Living Room? Why Not?

yellow bohemian living room by Simon Uptown

Bohemian style is somewhat the fun side of eclectic style. This style is relaxing, personal and is far from any formalities. A bohe,mian style living room is a place where we want to sit down and watch TV for hours.

As a relaxing living room, this space is intimate and warmth as well. The dark floor well, exudes some cool ambiance but the wooden table sounteract the cool efffect.

The sign of eclectic style comes from the wall arts, the purple rug and the vintage pendant lamp. The colors used for this living room is rather calm than cheerful. However, the look and atmosphere is stil fun and happy.

colorful bohemian living room idea

  •  Amazing cheerful Bomehian living room with fabric bird kite

This Bohemian living room is a cheerful one with colorful fabrics for the sofa cover. The wall arts are cool and some look so vintage. And while the entire living room is so harmonious, there’s a unique touch on the wall too. The bird decoration looks awesome with its green and white fabric. It is quite unexpexted as well as the wooden riffle decoration.

cheerful blue bohemian living room idea

  • Bohemian living room with airy and vintage look

This bohemian living room is a cool one with airy ambiance. There, the color combination is some dark and some light. The floor is made of wood but is covered by the soft, bright blue rug with vintage pattern. The living room is fun as well as wonderful to look at.

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vintage modern bohemian living room with soft blue rug

  • Calm Bohemian living room with classic colordul rug

This living room is made to be calm. Almost anything in this living room is white and makes t5he living room bright and fresh. However, having all white interior seems not pretty good so the rug is appointed in striped viberant colors. Furthermore, there are also 2 pendant lamps that look so vintage in white and blue shade.

chic white bohemian living room idea Emilee-Schumer-Nous-Decor
  • Simple Bohemian living room idea

Going maximum for the decor can make a living room looks great like shown on the most living rooms we posted here. But this living room goes for minimalist bohemian style. Well, not that minimalist but the design uses less furniture and accessories than other Bohenmian living room.

This simple Bohemian living room features only 2 floor sofas, a rustic driftwood table and a rug. This rug also is unique and looks like dry grasses. There, the floor is made of wood and looks so classic in style

white bohemian living room with wood floor Kate-Young-Designs
  • Colorful Bohemian living room

Blue and yellow living room is bright. This living room is amazing and is for those who dare to infused colors in the house. The wallpaper is yellow and the classic sofa is blue. The material is velvet and so adorable.

The armchair is so vibrant and has wonderful floral pattern.

yellow blue bohemian living room idea

  • Calm green and blue vintage Bohemian living room idea

This Bohemian living room is a cool living room with calm yet cheerful colors at once. Besides the wall color, the sofa is one has blue upholstery color and the other sofa has green fabic cover. The wall shelves has castle design and looks wonderful in white.

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vintage blue green bohemian living room idea

  • Vibrant and warmth Bohemian living room with large shelves

This living room is a cool one and comes with lots of fun. The hanging chair is a cool seating there and the rustic wooden table is cool. The living room also is made as personal library. There, large bookshelves contain lots of books and become another great decoration for the living room.

And since the living room has nature view outside, the top side of the bookshelves are void to allow the view inside. The ambiance is then becomes so relaxing. Furthermore, this living room itself is located in a space with double height ceiling. So, the living room becomes even brighter and more wonderful to look at.

cool living room with large bookshelves

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