Bold Crimson Red Interior Ideas

amazing crimson red interior idea by Brian Patrick Flynn

An interior with bold crimson red color is an energizing interior. Red in whatever shades it may have has never be calm and relaxing. This bold color however, is always interesting and looks wonderful. We just need to use it at the right place to make interior beautiful.

As we just say before, having red interior never makes the interior calm. But here, the ambiance is not that bold either. The red wall art on the wall is just at the right dose to make the living room vibrant yet still relaxing.

amazing calm living room with crimson red color accents Photo by Cecilia Dupire

Photo by Cecilia Dupire

  • Red interior with geometric wall

This room is cool and is painted in crimson red color. The wall that comes in geometric shape helps a little to soften the vibrant ambiance. Also, the wall arts also work well to reduce the red color that looks so dominant in this room.

Well, other det5ails actually are also beautiful. The study chair comes in black and white stripes. The pendant lamp has red, white and black colors in stripe pattern.

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And at one end, a round table has white tabletop and has blue chairs combination. However, we barely notice any other color in this room with such dramatic red wall.

amazing crimson red interior idea by Brian Patrick Flynn
Brian Patrick Flynn
  • Calm and elegant dining room with red sofa seating

If you like something softer in style, the red sofa for this dining room is less bright and bold. However, the color is still really interesting. The dining table itself actually is quite calm in style. There, the red sofa is used as accent color with very beautiful visual impact.

amazing dining room with crimson red sofa seating by Richard Caplan
Richard Caplan
  • Dark blue bedroom with crimson red side table and accessories

You still want to go softer in using red? Well, this bedroom is the answer. We can use dark color for a bedroom that gives a cool and cozy ambiance. However, the crimson red bedside table and accessories can make the bedroom feels vibrant and energizing.

blue red white bedroom idea by Brian Patrick Flynn
Brian Patrick Flynn
  • Warmth and charming airy dining room with crimson red sofa seating

This dining room is charming and is warmth. The ambiance comes from the light brown woven chairs that look so amazing.

This dining room has large windows behind the red sofa. And there, a charming and natural curtain is used and make the ambiance looks so airy and light. The red sofa however, is long and is a great color accent for the dining room.

cool dining room with long red dining chair by Kayla Kitts
Kayla Kitts
  • White sideboard with shelves on a red wall

This white sideboard is a cool pure white sideboard that comes shelves with black geometric graphics. This sideboard and shelves are already beautiful. But the placement on a red wall make these furniture pieces look even more wonderful. The contrasting color is so amazing.

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cool red white interior idea with black and white shelves

  • Red living room that calming

The shade of this red color is at the dark side so the red wall there is not quite vibrant. Moreover, the wall arts are black and the sofa is calm is white color. Another wonderful color in this living room would be the soft blue curtain. The farmhouse style of the curtain is so wonderful to soften the bold color around it.

country style living room with crimson red wall

  • Crimson red and coral kitchen design

This crimson and coral red kitchen is a beautiful one with vintage modern style. The cabinetry comes in crimson red while the handles are beautiful in stainless steel color. The kitchen island is in coral color and it looks so luxurious with the white countertop.

crimson red and coral modern kitchen idea Brian Patrick Flynn
Brian Patrick Flynn
  • Classy classic modern dining room with infused red

This kitchen is classic actually but with some wonderful modern touches. There, the storage is amde of wood in classy classic style as well as other furniture pieces. However, the dining table is a modern piece with sleek, black color and glass top. The combination is so elegant and classy as well. But, these are not all the designer can do with this kitchen. The dining chairs are red. The whole ambiance in this dining room becomes warmth and bold as well.

impressive vintage dining room with modern black dining table and crimson red dining chair Amy Cuker
Amy Cuker
  • Modern interior with red sliding door

This room is a bold room with beautiful red sliding door. The room itself is actually white and the round table is warmth in wood color. However, it is still the red sliding door that becomes the focal point in the room.

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wonderful crimson red interior with red sliding door by Eric Perry
Eric Perry

Decorating interior and painting the interior in red can make it looks much better. These rooms have proved that crimson red color is elegant color that can be used as main color scheme as well as for accent color.

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