Complete list of Beautiful Home Architectural Styles Types

A collection of famous architectural style worlwide for homes. Know the house you are about to buy or build. If I buy a house, then I just want to look for the location of the house. If I have enough money to make some options, then I would go for a house with design that fit my style. This design however, should look great despite the architectural style of the house. It can be modern house or barn-style house. As far as it looks great. As for today, if I…

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Types of Houses by Basic Structure


According to the basic structure, we can divide house into at least 30 structures. Why we need to know all these types? Well, maybe we want to know what type of our house is. Maybe some people just know they buy a house or more but never know about the type. Except fot the aesthetic style like wood house, concrete house or glass house. But, I think it is interesting to know types of houses. The reason? just because we are interested with that. Single Family ( Detached ) House…

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