Ideas for decorating furniture with vinyl

The choice of furniture is one of the most complicated. When we open the floor we have many doubts and we do not want to make mistakes, so we spent a lot of time thinking about what furniture is best for each room. Once the decision is made, the years pass and we continue to fall in love with them, although it is true that sometimes we get bored of their appearance and we innovate. One of the innovations that we can carry out has to do with decorative vinyls,…

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Advantages and disadvantages of roll-up mosquito nets

Summer is coming and you want to change the decoration of your house. Gone are the coldest months of the year that are accompanied by sober colors. Now, in the middle of spring, what we are looking for are bright colors and light textiles to decorate. That and solutions as practical and necessary as roll-up mosquito nets, which as you well know are our best allies against those little insects that come back thirsty every year. In this article we are going to talk to you about the advantages and…

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Small Three Stories Loft Interior in Black and White

small loft house living room design

A small, 344 sq ft three levels loft house can be so amazing with its black and white interior decoration. The interior as a whole becomes so enchanting and timeless. The design is beautiful as well as warmth and inviting. It is a wonderful loft house with efficient space layout and beautiful decoration. The home is modern, complete and feels so comfy, airy and relaxing.

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Colorful Living Room Tips and Tricks

interior colors tips personalize the room

Tips about colorful living room maybe are quite important for some. Using colors in a room can be challenging. We don’t want the colors to mix like a melted crayons anywhere. It’s not about putting something colorful inside but creating a harmony and the right ambiance for the living room. Without further ado, this is some tricks in using colors in the living room Pick any color you like Is that all? wow, painting any room will be so easy then? The fact is we want a particular color and…

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Hygge – What is Hygge and How to Hygge the Home?

cool Hygge interior design

What is Hygge? In English, we should pronounce the word as ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah.’ This word is from Norway and is a term for wellbeing. As for interior, we could translate it into Cosiness or togetherness. We could, however, because this word can’t be translated into a single word in English. It is like great moments from good bath into comfy sleeping. It is more like the enjoyable moments in the morning cofee time with scented candle lit nearby. How to Hygge the home? Add candles Cablelight maybe the easiest…

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