How to Dress Up / Decorate Rental Home Temporarily

wonderful temporary vinyl floor decor for rental apartment

Dressing up or decorating rental apartment can be done temporarily. Yes, we don’t need to spend a lot as well as can reverse anything back like what it used to be.

Apartment or house which are available for rent usually are white. The owner usually want the property to9 be as neutral as possible to match the taste of many.

However, it is not always good for us. We want something special for our bedroom and interior. We want the apartment to have some short of personality like what we have. So, Decorating a rental apartment is a great way to make our rented space more comfortable.

Fortunately, there are some peel-and-stick of almost anything. So, we can just stick a new cover on the old-looking, maybe boring floor, wall and even appliences.

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Do I Really Need Dark Wall Color?


Dark wall color

If you are fond of other house or building with dark wall, you may want some dark shade for your wall too. But, yes, Would the room feel more enclosed, feel smaller and feel not pretty bright even in the day?

Colors, would be good anywhere as long as the composition is good. That’s not something that is esy to describe. But it is.

However, there are some pros and cons fo having dark wall.

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