Chairs that invite you to exercise

Surely Yuming Hu expected a lot of noise after launching a collection of chairs that conventional has nothing. It is designed for restless bodies, for those who can not stand even five minutes sitting and need to move.

As you can see in the images, each and every one of the models you have designed are like a kind of gym machine to practice exercise. In addition, he has used very striking colors to make it clear that it is not a collection for dressing up magazine houses, but is designed to complete a room dedicated to sports.

Designs not to sit idly by
Hu has explained that micro movements have always been studied as a part of psychology. In spite of this, it is not mentioned or applied specifically in the design of the seats. Everyone can do what they want with them.

Contrary to what one may think, Hu has done everything possible to make them very ergonomic seats. Consider that it is an important part because we spend a lot of time sitting, but consider that designing them thinking only and exclusively that we are going to be sitting is a mistake.

To complete this collection, we spent a lot of time observing how people move their upper and lower extremities, as well as their hands, feet and torso. With that information he went to work and the result can not be denied that is at least striking. That is why he had his space in the Beijing Design Week, where he has won the admiration of many colleagues

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