Children Bedroom Tips and Tricks

Children Bedroom Tips and Tricks Jacinda-Malloy blue bedroom

We have some Children bedroom tips and tricks that can make kids bedroom more comfortable and more beautiful.

Kids bedroom is a bedroom that grows with the child as well. Actually, we can make the bedroom anyway our kid like. But the design should considers the taste of our children. So, we won’t end up changing the entire design in just a year or two. Well, it’s just not practical. And can be costly too.

If a child loves blue color, then the blue color must be there. The blue color can come is the form of rug oe bedding set. Wall or wallpaper can also makes a wonderful blue ambiance in a child’s bedroom.

Jacinda Malloy designed this boy bedroom with blue rug in large size and beautiful, modern pattern. Lucky for the boy, the bedroom is large and feels trully spacious.

Another touch to personality would be the world map on the wall. Benji, the boy loves traveling. He imagines to travel the world so the world map is a wonderful touch there.

Children Bedroom Tips and Tricks Jacinda-Malloy blue bedroom
  • Kids bedroom Tips – use meaningful furniture pieces

This kid’s bedroom has colors that would make the room looks less clutterred. But, that’s not all. The furniture pieces there is more than wonderful. Each piece is unique and has a meaning. The arching wardrobe is so classic as well as interesting. The game table looks old and rustic. But, the chair is vintage and classy at once.

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The furniture pieces are not from a bedroom furniture set designed by a company. So, the furniture pieces has its own unique touch and meaning in the room.

awesome kid bedroom with cool gray color that far from clutter look

  • Use timeless style

It seems natural that we want the kid’s bedroom to be as natural as possible. Also, the bedroom has to be as timeless as possible. This attic bedroom has a style that will still look great when the child is at second grade.

The bedroom is a great bedroom for a kindergarten girl as well as a second grader. Well, it is almost impossible to design a bedroom that fits the taste of a small kid and older kid at once. However, it is good to see the bedroom looks fit for years.

cute attic kid bedroom Hanna Handerson
Hanna Handerson

Timeless style can also be obtained from a dark bedroom. Yes, dark bedroom like shown below is a great bedroom with timeless style. Actually, by changing the accessories, a teenager can use the bedroom. Sure, we may need to change the bed too.

This dark bedroom also is gender neutral in design. The accessories can turn the bedroom into girl or boy. But the wall and floor colors are great for both gender.

awesome kid's dark gray bedroom idea
  • Limits the materials, colors and share space adequately

This bedroom is for 3 children (boys). The key design there is the gray brown colors and the wood used in the room. The few colors make the room look less clutterred. Adding more color in such bedroom will make the room feels busy.

Also important to note here, the three boys share the same bedroom space. It is inportant to design a shared kids bedroom that way.

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Another note would be  for the use of floating beds. The beds are attached to the wall and create an empty space below. So, we can visually see the space as larger and more comfortable.

kids bedroom tips share space equally and limits colors and materials

  • Use smart storage for kid’s bedroom

It is important to note that we don’t need to make the storage too structured from the beginning. But, we need storage system which kids can use and reach easily. It is going to make the room tidier and neat. They can store stuffs easier and can find things easier too.

kids bedroom tips clever storage www.thesocialitefamily

Well, what do you think about the tips? too general ar you can get something new?

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