Clever Small Bathroom Tips Ideas

small bathroom with tall medicine cabinets

Bathroom usually is a small room and even the smallest in the house. However, we still want a bathroom to be relaxing and looks interesting as well. So, we need to hack the bathroom a little bit to make it comfortable.

small bathroom with tall medicine cabinets

This is the easiest part in making bathroom feels comfy. Monochromatic color ensure the bathroom looks unified and not too busy with various colors. We still can use color gradation anyway. We can use some shades of the smae color. However, adding some splash of colors is also possible with accessories like curtain or other items.

  • Use adjustable lighting

Believe it or not, but with different brightness, a room including bathroom can feels larger. Different brightness can easily build a perception that the bathroom is available for many tasks at once. So, it can fulfill our needs much better and feels larger.

  • Use glass enclosure for bathtub

Glass door and wall ensure the bathroom have undisturbed view from one end to other end.

small bathroom tips with glass enclosure for bathtub shower area Semsabilge
  • Use small and modern bathroom fixtures

Having a bathroom that looks luxurious is a great experience especially if the bathroom is small.  Also, small bathroom fixtures can make the look of a bathroom bigger too.

  • Paint the ceiling softer than wall

Ceiling with painting color that looks softer than the wall can make the ceiling feels higher. Is we can’t make the wall larger, we still canm paint the ceiling with sky and clouds painting. It can gives an illusion of larger space too.

  • Use mirrors

Mirrors are the basic item to have in small interior including bathroom. It reflecs light and can visually “double” the space.

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As for the placement, use the mirror at one end of the bathroom. That way, we can reflect the entire bathroom and can “double” the space visually.

small bathroom tips with using mirrors

  • Store vertically

If the ceiling of the bathroom is high, we can store items vertically. We can extend the medicine cabinet into the ceiling. Yes, vertically but not wider. Extending the storage wider can make the space feels cramped.

small bathroom tips with tall medicine cabinets Robern Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

  • Use white and bright light

Using bright light can make the space feels more comfortable. There’s no shadows at the corners that reduce the sense of spaciousness. Also use light bulb with daylight color temperature. It is the most comfortable color temperature to the eyes.

  • Free the floor space

Floor space is easy to see and any trash can, laundry hamper and others can distract both eyes and the flow in the bathroom. So, we need only small trash can in small bathroom. Well, at least make any item on the floor not distracting for eye and flow.

We don’t need any busy-looking small bathroom. We need a visually clean small bathroom and floor accessories like rug can add somewhat busy appearance.

small bathroom tips not using floor accessories

  • Use sliding door or pocket door

Once we use sliding door, we know the big difference it can make is small room. A door that swings inside the bathroom will reduce the space significantly. At least when we enter the bathroom and make an exit.

small bathroom tips with sliding door

  • Use recessed accessories

It is natural for us to use recessed accessories whenever possible in small bathroom. At least, use recessed storage for soap and bath accessories.

  • Use open storage under the sink

Open storage under the sink can create a decorative effect to the entire bathroom.

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small bathroom tips with open storage cabinetry Semsabilge
  • Use lighter wood color for cabinetry

Wood can create a warmth ambiance in a room. Also, wood can make the bathroom looks more natural and calming. And, brighter wood color usually make the room feels even warmer

  • Try to bring natural light

It seems that natural light can freshen any interior. Any room with natural light feels much better when in use. However, we may need to add a skylight or lighting tube to bring natural light inside.

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