Colorful Living Room Tips and Tricks

interior colors tips personalize the room

Tips about colorful living room maybe are quite important for some. Using colors in a room can be challenging. We don’t want the colors to mix like a melted crayons anywhere.

It’s not about putting something colorful inside but creating a harmony and the right ambiance for the living room.

Without further ado, this is some tricks in using colors in the living room

Is that all? wow, painting any room will be so easy then?

The fact is we want a particular color and we choose it. It is the basic. Actually, we can use any color we like.

Well, if you don’t think this idea is asy to do, we have got other ideas.

airy interior design with indoor garden Christina Kayser Onsgaard, Styling by Rikke Graff Juel
Christina Kayser Onsgaard, Styling by Rikke Graff Juel
  • Use color scheme according to your largest pattern

Actually we can choose the color based on the color of the largest pattern. That way, we can blend the color scheme with the existing items in the interior / living room.

Well, try to see wether our rug is the largest patterned item in the living room? Or, we can use artwork too.

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painting living room tips and trick

  • Use the color similar to outdoor

If you have the interior with outdoor view, then it is great to match the entire ambiance of the interior with the outdoor.

It can be done with using color or here, it is done with wallpaper with outdoor view.

amazing living room with purple woodland wallpaper by WallpaperInk
  • Use dark color at bottom and lightest at the top

If you still want a safer way to paint a room / living room, paint the floor darkest and wall lighter. and then, the ceiling gets the lightest color.

It is the safest way to blend colors in a living room. With lightest color on top, the space would feel larger.

Need more reason?

We see that the earth is darkest. The trees are lighter and the sky is bright.

Blue purple high ceiling living room design by Anna Ward
Anna Ward
  • Create the color scheme from the formal area first

Living room, dining room and entry way is the most visible and the most noted areas. Use the main color scheme from these areas first. If we have dark gray sofa, then we may use pewter gray for the bedroom or other private areas.

colorful blue living room design by Suna Interior Design
Suna Interior Design
  • Use the color wheel

Color wheel is an easy trick to create a harmonious color scheme. We can choose the colors that complement each other or the colors that are analogous.

Color wheel makes us easy to pick any color without losing harmony.

This living room is blue and green. These colors are analogous and result in serene ambiance.

colorful living room with pastel hues colors Anouska Tamony
Anouska Tamony
  • Treat the colors in the home like clothes

We choose clothes based on colors (and style) that we like. Colors that we think we will look good in the clothes. It works for our interior too. We want colors that we fond of or feel much better about.

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We can go bold and colorful if we like. Some of our clothes are really bright and colorful too.

Colorful modern living room with fireplace by Rachel Reider
Rachel Reider
  • Always use black

Black can define any color in the interior and living room. Even the slightest black can do so much.

At the living room below, black can define the white coffee table / stool perfectly.

Cool calm dark living room with bright yellow sofa color accent Heather Craig
Heather Craig
  • Use basic formula for color

According desginer Mark McCauley, we need to divide colors into 3 main components. The main colors or wall with 60 % part. Upholstery or secondary color is weighted at 30% and the accessories or accent colors are at 10%.

And then we can see some harmony just like shown from the living room below.

Fresh natural living room with geometric wallpaper Barker and Stonehouse
Barker and Stonehouse
  • Use bold colors for small space

The common idea is to use white color for small space to make it feel bigger. But it is not always the case. We can create a pop space with bold color.

Make the small space interesting and becomes a focal point among other rooms.

Bold blue color like shown below can make the space so special. Just like a playhouse in a playroom.

small space room painting tips idea

  • Contrast the cold with warmth

This is the way to make a neutral living room or neutral bedroom. Still, we get the color we want but if we still want the ambiance to be restful, use the contrasting element.

modern exposed brick living room with blue sofa Trevor Tondo-OTTO
Trevor Tondo-OTTO
  • Limit the colors up to three

This technique works best to avoid the interior looks busy. It is also a simple way to make any color in the room flows in harmony with the others.

modern living room with orange curtain and beanbag L’Essenziale Home Designs
L’Essenziale Home Designs
  • Use timeless colors

Timeless is timeless. The room (living room) is great for today as well as for the next 10 or 15 years.

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If you want timeless colors that are already proven in the test of time, use black and white colors combination.

modern vintage living room with splash of colors

  • Use monochromatic color

Monochromatic color is proven to be the best ambiance maker. Either we want vibrant or calm ambiance, monochromatic color can exude the atmosphere better than contrasting various colors.

also, it is still the safe way to use colors in any interior.

modern living room with pastel color by Domino Magazine Katie Ukrops
Domino Magazine Katie Ukrops
  • Make the interior personal

Do not worry to personalize the interior. Well you are the owner of the interior so don’t worry to show who you are in the interior of your home.

interior colors tips personalize the room

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