Complete list of Beautiful Home Architectural Styles Types

A collection of famous architectural style worlwide for homes. Know the house you are about to buy or build.

If I buy a house, then I just want to look for the location of the house. If I have enough money to make some options, then I would go for a house with design that fit my style.

This design however, should look great despite the architectural style of the house. It can be modern house or barn-style house. As far as it looks great.

As for today, if I build my new house, I’m inclined to choose modern style house, Florida style house, Mediterranean house and some classic styles like cape cod house and pranch house.

Although my taste is limited to good or great looking house only. And ignoring the architectural style, but it is something worth to know some architectural styles for personal home.

List of architectural style:

Adobe Revival Home Design

adobe-revival-house design architecture

This house is know as Mud Brick. Most of a Adobe house is constructed to resemble cob and rammed-earth buildings.

Today, adobe houses are mostly found in places like west Asia, Middle East, North and west Africeand also  in Western and South America.

In Europe, this house can be found in Spain and Eastern Europe. In USA, People in Southwestern USA, Mesoamerica and South America used the adobe house. The adobe house was built with adobe but the adobe was not made as brick. The brick made from adobe has been known since Spain introduced brick making technique. The brick building itself was popular in Spain around 8th century BC onward.

As for the size, the ado9be brick can be as small as ordinary baked bricks and up to 2 yards in size. The big adobe brick also is know as adobines.

Beach House Design

tidewater beach house design

Beach house is a house built on the oceanfront. Usually, the house is raised and this house is popular is Southeastern USA. And since beach area can have high tide, there is also a tidewater house variation of this beach house.

This tidewater house is populer in Southeastern US since 1800. This tidewater house is a house designed for hot and wet climate. But, still has so many features a “normal” house has. It has porches and maybe, some fun outdoor areas.


bungalow-home design idea

Bungalows is a home architectural style originated from India. However, an Englishman called this house a  “Bunguloues.” Well, the name means that it is an easy to set up temporay shelter. During the year of around 1820.

The same Englishman also describe that, in India, the house is long and low building but with wide verandas and drooping attics. The roof design used to be tatch roof. But the roof was chaned into fireproof tile later. Moreover, there’s also insulation from the outside heat to the house.

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The term bungalow as vacation house started in 1870. It wa the time when a builder built trendy coast houses for vacation and call the buildings as Bungalows.

In America, this bungalow type architecture became popular, especially in New England.

Cape Cod House Design

cape-cod-home design idea

This style was the predecessor of the Colonial Revival House. This house was popular during 1930s to 1950s. This style was created after the colonists from England arrived in New England. The modify the design of an English House Hall to withstand storm. The house was then further modified with more than one floor. Plus, wooden clapboards, shutters and shingle wall exterior addition.

The name Cape Cod House itself was attributed to Yale University’s President Timothy Dwight IV in the year 1800.


Colonial home design idea

The Colonial architecture home style started in 1600 in Europe. The style was brought by immigrants to the USA and has been modified to meet challenging weather in the USA.

The house was special built by colonist along the eastern shore in US. The house consists 1 floor in each of its two floors. However, some modification further was made to expang the house into 4 stories. Well, adding 1 more room on each upper floor and has 4 rooms total in a house.

This 1 room in 1 floor is the prominent character of a Cape Cod House until today.

And, from the 1600 until 18th century, the architecture style had expanded into new dimensions. Saltbox, Georgian, Mid Atlantic andarchitecture styles from other countries like French, Dutch, German and Spanish.



Contemporay house design is a house designed with recent trend or future. It is modern, yes. Since the design is on today’s trend. But, it is different from a moder house architecture design. A modern house is a house designed with styling of year 1950s and after. So, a house with 1995 style is still considered modern.

However, contemporay house seems to be the most modern since it is about now. But, the difference between contemporary house and modern house is contemporary about the recent trend and future. Modern house about home design after 1950s.

Contemporary Craftsman

house designs types-contemporary-craftsman house design

Craftsman house design is a home designed between 1905s until 1930. The inspiration is taken from industrial revolution. No soul and only machine. So, hand crafted items became valuable.

The craftsman house is known for its Articulation of structure. And if the house is seen from the inside, beams and rafters are visible. Also, there are porches and terraces.

And now, the style is back. The infusion of this style in other home architecture styles can be described as Contemporary Craftsman.

Craftsman house architecture design


Craftsman-house design idea

This is the predecessor of the Contemporary Craftsman house idea. The house had been a symbol for preserving natural materials and handmade.

Country House Design

Country-house architecture design

Also known as manor house design. This house is large and is located on a large property.

This country house has its root in Europe’s feudal system. The feudal estate owned the land and the landowner owned the house.

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So, there were manorial tenants and the lord of the property who resided in the house.

Today, a country house can be much smaller house in the countryside.

English Cottage

English-Cottage-house design idea

This house is an old house with roof space or roof bedroom.  Howevewr, cottage is known as small vacation home in USA and small traditional home in English.



As the name suggest, the house is the main residence in a farm or rural areas. A farmhouse in traditional  time may incorporate a barn. This barn is a place where the owner can build stable or other places for animal.

Farmhouse usually is classic-styled house. Also, it can be built with natural materials like wood siding. The classic design of a farmhouse seems quite poopular until today. Also, the traditional gables roof and dormer windows are still in use.

Federal Colonial


Also known as Adam. This style was populer during 1780 to 1840. And, the design evolved into what is known as Georgian style.This kind of house is characterized by it tempered details that normally come with isolated panels. It also has friezes and tablets. And, the rare use of pillars.

Florida Style House Architecture

florida-home design

This is a house usually built in Floeida around 19th century.. It has wood beams and today is still a popular style for a new house. The main characteristic of the house would be metal roofs, large porch areas, straight or conventional hallways that goes from the front to the rear of the house. Also, raised floor.Some of the famous houses of this type would be Bensen House in Grant, Plumb House in Clearwater or Winchester Symphony House.

French style house design

French-Country-house architecture idea

French style architecture idea for a house features asymetrical design with ornate elements. Onr of the famous design would be the Gothic-type house design.

Georgian Architecture House Design

Georgian house design idea

As the main character, the house has symetrical entry and interior passage with 2-room deep. This house was started its trend with higher class of the 17Th century USA.

Greek Revival

Greek-Revival-Home-architecture design

This Greek Revival home architecture design is a home with pillars high enough to mimic greek pillars in their buildings. However, the name Greek Revival was given by Royal Academy Arts’s professor named Charles Robert Cockerell first used the term in 1842.

Log House Design Idea


Log house is a home made of log. Structurally, the home is larger than a log cabin. But, it can be rustic or a little bit refined. In a place where tall trees like conifers and pines are abundant like Finland, Norway, this house has gained popularity. For countries with comparable climatic condition, the use of log as building structure also prevails.

However, at warmer countries and areas, timber housing is more preferred.


Mediterranean house designs

The style for mediterranean house is taken its isnpiration from Greek ad Italian styles.The house is a home to adorned warmth weather and sea. So, there’s always palm tree in a house with Mediterranean style.

As the design, the wall usually is stucco while the roof is tile roof and slooping. The common color for the house would be around white, cream, light brown oor beige with red roof.

Mid Century Modern House Design


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Mid-Century-Modern-architecture house design

This house type was inspired by arts and architecture of that time. Yes, at the mid 20th century. This style was largely had a motivation to employ modern design to the post war US suburb house architecture.

Modern House Design and Architecture

modern house architecture

This style is prominent after the world war II era. This style now becomes dominant in recent architecture design. Moreover, modern architecture also said to be reaction for eclecticism and the lavishness applied to the Victorian era and later Art Nouveau’s detail-oriented styles.

This era of modern architecture also saw the use of unconvetional materials of the era. The great examples would be the Unity Temple in Chacago by Frank Lloyd Wright and Crystal palace in London with Iro used as building material.

Mountain House design


Mountain home design

A mountain house literally is a house built on a mountain. Usually, the design follows the slope of the terrain and may use natural materials.

Northwest House Design

Northwest-house design

This style is defined by unpainted wood material for the interior as well as the exterior.

Prairie House Design

prairie house design

This design was common for Midwestern area in the USA in the early 19th to 20th century. The design has characters of flat roof, horizontal lines or broad overhanging eaves or roof space.

Rustic Home Design

rustic home design

Rustic home has rustic design as the name says.Rustic home can be made of wood, stone or other materials. It has appearance as tough the home is not finished at the interior or interior.

Victorian House Style

Victorian-House-design idea

This house trully was created during Queen Victoria’s reign in 1837 to 1901. It is the house that its time begins at the industrial revolution. Usually, a Victorian house has traditional building materials like brick and stone.

Tuscan House Design

Tuscan-architecture house idea

Tuscany is a place in central Italy. So, with its Italan influence, Tuscany house is so artful. And as for materials, this house usually is built with stone, wrought iron and tile.

Tudor Home Design

Tudor-House-design and architecture idea

This is an example of a really classic house inspired by design from 1485 to 1603Tudor  era. At the same moment, there was and introduction of renaisanse in England.

A Tudor home architecture is basically a revival of traditional Tudor house built in England around the 19th century.

Ranch House Design

Ranch-house design

A ranch house is popular house built in large property. It is a one story house in countryside area.

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