Cooper Pin, an original and fun armchair

Speaking of designer furniture is not always talking about large companies that are dedicated to shaping the dreams of their potential customers. Sometimes it is the industrial designers who work on their own who delight us with creations as delicious as the one in this article.

The armchair that you can see in images is called Cooper Pin and it is one of the most convincing works of Julia Kononenko, a Polish woman who has already surprised us on more than one occasion, such as when she presented a convertible sofa in the living room that we are talking about in 2014 .

Personality does not lack
He has defined his design as “fun and ironic”, and what can not be denied is that he has decided to break with the established when giving life. It is decorative and functional, but on top of that it transmits very good vibrations.

His studio has been designed using copper and stainless steel legs. It has armrests and three tubes that can be seen very timidly as points of union between the backrest and the seat.

Best of all, it is available in various color combinations, with the possibility of including prints as cheerful as cactus. You can not say it’s a conventional chair, of course.

He stares at you
Kononenko wanted to fix our eyes on the two biggest buttons of the backrest, which for her are like two eyes that observe us. It is the final touch of a creation that does not go unnoticed in design portals as well known as Behance, where it accumulates 261 well-deserved positive votes.

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