Creative Dining Room Storage Ideas

creative dining room storage under the stair

A dining room can be built in small space as well as in large space / room. Also, the room sometimes is not quite ideal for a dining room. So, some designers become so creative in designing the storage for the dining room.

This dining room is not limited in space or anything. But there, the large dining room is made as beautiful decoration for the dining room. The storage is painted in yellow and looks so enchanting.

cool creative dining room storage clean looking yellow cabinets by
  • Open shelves storage with chalkboard

An open storage like these shelves are amazing to look at. The rustic design of the wooden shelves are already wonderful. And when the shelves are combined with the chalkboard, the styling is really cool to look at.

cool kitchen storage with open shelves long cabinet and chalkboard
  • Hutch from bookcase

It is possible to use a bookcase for decoration in the dining room. A tall bookcase with open shelves are great for displaying decoratives plates and glasses. A bookcase usually also is small enough to fill some blank space. And there, the blank space is at the space between two windows.

creative dining room and kitchen storage bookcase hutch Sand & Sisal
Sand & Sisal
  • Wonderful corner dining room storage

An ordinary storage put on a corner maybe is not quite appealing. However, a storage with triangle shape can be used in a corner and can add different ambiance. A special corner storage also has a quite different look. So, although such storage may has less storage space, but it is more beautiful for decorative purpose.

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creative dining room storage corner cabinet

  • Buffet table from 2 cabinets

A custom made buffet table can be made of 2 cabinets. Actually, making a buffet table like this can be more practical. We also can make a buffet table with different choice of cabinetry.

And as for this buffet table, the glass front makes the dining room feels airy and more spacious.

creative dining room storage from 2 cabinets into buffet table

  • Under the stair dining room storage

A space under a stair can be built into a kitchen with dining room and its storage. As for this kitchen, the space for this kitchen is maximized with efficient layout. The dining room is created close to the kitchen. Apparently just next to the kitchen.

The stair storage is now becomes the storage for both kitchen and dining room. At one side the storage stores spices and other cooking essentials. But, at the other side, there are shelves for books so the owners can read some books after dinner.

creative dining room storage under the stair

  • Creative wine rack and wooden buffet in rustic style

And lucky for us, we can have such wonderful storage in mass production furniture. These beautiful wine rack and buffet table is from Pottery Barn. The design is interesting and can be used in any vintage or rustic interior style.

And as for functionality, there are two drawers and shelves for the buffet table so we can both store and display stuffs in there.

creative dining room storage wooden buffet and wine rack by Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn
  • Dining room storage with under the bench storage

This loft dining room is beautiful and warmth to look at. The wooden ceiling comes with dark accents that add depth to the room. Fuerthermore, the dining table is simple and looks wonderful with its black leg.

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However, it is the dining chairs that are beautiful and usefull. The bench comes with storage underneath and behind the backrest.

creative under the seat chair dining eoom storage Arkin Tilt Architects
Arkin Tilt Architects
  • Industrial style dining room storage cart

A storage cart can make a wonderful storage in any dining room. The advantage is, It has wheels making it easy to move. However, with black and natural wood colors combination like below, the storage cart also becomes a decorative item too.

vintage modern metal wood dining room storage design

A storage for a dining room can be pretty important to keep anything neat and tidy. However, it becomes important too for choosing or designing the storage to be able to decorate the dining room. We somtimes welcome guests in our dining room and that would be the time to keep anything wonderful.

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