Do and Don’t Kitchen Design Tips

classic white kitchen design idea

There are some kitchen design mistakes that people usualy make. The mistakes can be simple but sometimes we just don’t realize it.

So, there are the kitchen design tips from a designer:

Never make the kitchen a boring space. A kitchen has to be warmth for the owners, inviting and has to be personal. Kitchen is more than just the appliances and the furniture. The design of a kitchen has to be special for the owners. It represents the owners and should match the design of the entire house.

A wooden farmhouse would be best to have a kitchen with similar style. Wood kitchen and wooden stools are better than a metal kitchen set with fancy bold color.

classic white kitchen design idea

  • Make the cabinets high up to the ceiling

It is not quite common for any kitchen. But lower than ceiling cabinets collect dust and unecesarry accessories. We tend to put anything on the cabinets and make lots of clutter. Using glass fronts can keep the kitchen looks light and airy. But sure, it depends on the entire design that you have.


  • Don’t overdo with the design

We should know when to stop designing the kitchen. A kitchen is still a functional space and we use it every day. It is not a display to make the home beautiful. At a point, we need to stop designing the kitchen.

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creative kitchen design idea

  • Conceal stainless steel appliances with cabinetry

Stainless steel can make the ambiance feels cold and the kitchen feels small too. Stainless steel while is great for accent, it can’t exude warmth and welcoming ambiance. Some minimalist modern kitchen have stainless steel countertop and front. If your kitchen has large stainless steel surface, you may need to compensate with warmth pendant lamp or chandelier.

Also, make some compensation to the big stainless steel refrigerator too. The design can be so imposing.

avoiding modern kitchen design mistakes

  • Use high quality, good-designed cabinets

A strong and good designed cabinetry is the answer for above requirement. We use the storage every day. We open the drawers anytime we like they should last for yeras. Wooden cabinets have to be made of hardwood and the strong hinges are very important.

Strong cabinets lasts longer and can make the cabinets become more economical to buy.

avoiding modern kitchen design mistakes

  • Use countertops next to wall ovens

We need to put the turkey on a counter after taking it out from oven. So, we need space for either for turkey, cake or anything that comes from the oven. We don’t like to bring the turkey to far from the oven, right?

Do and Don't Kitchen Design Tips use counter next to wall ovens

  • We doesn’t always need big kitchen

Small kitchen can be so functional and we need to make it work for us. We have to be able to maximize anything we have in the kitchen. A well-designed kitchen that comes with high quality materials can make small space works well for us. We have fun more working in larger kitchen. But a toughtful details of a small kitchen can make us work efficiently.

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very small kitchen decorating tips

  • Don’t fill all the spaces with storage

We don’t need all that storage anyway. We also do not need to fill all the wall with cabinets. At least, we need to think about balancing functions and aesthetics. That also mean that we don’t need to store more than we need and further clutter the kitchen.

wonderful-kitchen -with cabinets to conceal stainless part

A kitchen ia a place where we should work with happy. It is the space where we spend time cooking and have fun with the activity.

Some of the above decorating mistakes can make the kitchen looks ugly. One or two can make the kitchen not pretty efficient when used.

cool woodhouse with wooden kitchen design

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