Do I Really Need Dark Wall Color?


Dark wall color

If you are fond of other house or building with dark wall, you may want some dark shade for your wall too. But, yes, Would the room feel more enclosed, feel smaller and feel not pretty bright even in the day?

Colors, would be good anywhere as long as the composition is good. That’s not something that is esy to describe. But it is.

However, there are some pros and cons fo having dark wall.

The pros for having dark wall

  • The dark wall is great to highlight your arts and photographs

If you put a lot of family photos and wall arts on the wall, painting it dark would put you attention just to your important objects.


If you have bright, yellow furniture, the dark wall helps a lot to highlight the furniture. Making the ambiance feels a little bit warmth.

  • Dark wall is bold

Yes, dark wall is not something that everyone would have in their lifetime.

  • Dark wall elliminates cracks and other defects

Dark wall hides holes on the wall. It hides black cables and other “not pretty beautiful” items in your room.

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  • Maintaining dark wall is easier

Dark wall won’t show fingerprints or other small marks from anything.

The cons of dark wall

  • Darker room

The room will be darker with dark wall. Dark color reduces light so when it is evening, you may need you all lights on.

Dark color may not good for office or workshop for creative jobs or for working on delicate items. However, dark color can be shooting for a relaxing room.


  • The space feels smaller

Painting the wall dark will almost sure make the room feels smaller. There are something that makes things look closer due to the dark color.

We may get used to it, but it is still important to consider before painting the wall dark.

  • Dark wall is quite difficult to get rid off

It is also another consideration. Dark blue wall will need two layers of coat before we can paint it with another color.

However, if you still like to try painting your wall dark, you may want to start the easy way. But, without using wallpaper to darken the wall.

Easy steps to paint wall dark

Well, the easiest step.

  • Paint the entryway or hallway dark

It is easier to paint the wall dark in the space where we don’t spend to much time in the space.

Just dark wall at the entrance and gets lighter inside.

  • Natural light considerations

We have said that dark color makes the room feels smaller. However, in a really small space where the light is also not quite bright. It can be better using strong color for the space. Strong color can add depth and character to the room. And after that, add lighter decorations to the room to make it warmth.

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  •  Use color for “nook”

Make a warmth color for your special space. A place where you want you mood to be special.

A bedroom can be made calm, cozy or something that is energizing.

  • Paint only the trim

Well, it won’t make  the entire room dark. But at least, we can feel how the room would be with dark color.

Painting a room in dark color is sure to change the entire ambiance. However, we can paint the wall in warmth color instead of only dark.

Well, does the article really answer the quention in the tittle? I don’t know but at least you know what you want better. We, already see so many pictures in the internet showing houses with amazing dark color. However, all these pictures show the very well executed interior decoration. From the concpet to the details.


For us painting the wall with rollers, taking up the wall for another painting may not be a good option. So, starting the easy steps may help.

However, bold color is bold. That is, it is quite a bold decision to paint our wall in bold color.

Still unsure whether you need dark wall color? We seem don’t help a lot to decide? right?

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