Elegant Floating TV Stands and TV Units Ideas for Modern Living Room


Elegant Floating TV Stands and TV Units Ideas for Modern Living Room

Some elegant floating TV stands for modern living room. We watch the TV when sitting in the living room. Maybe not paying attention to much on other furniture. But a floating TV stand that “doesn’t belong” to the living room would be irritating. If not annoying.

Here, we have some cool, elegant floating TV and TV unit ideas which are great for a modern living room.

White TV wall unit from Sears


Do you like this white floating TV cabinet? Sears has it. The TV stand comes with 2 cabinets and ample space for up to 50 Inch TV. Large enough to make a cool and elegant statement for your entertainment area.

Black wooden TV floating wall unit


A living room with any style would benefit from this TV wall unit. The design is versatile and would look good to be matched in a calm living room. A vibrant living room would accept black furniture too. So, such design is recommended based on versatility.

Big wooden TV wall unit withshelves and cabinets


This wooden floating TV unit is a big one. It has long shelf on top, 3 small  shelves and 3 small cabinets at the bottom. The wooden color looks pretty amazing to be combined with the precast concrete wall. The room is rustic yet elegant dan feels fun.

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Rustic Grey floating TV unit with decorative, small cabinets


This living room where the floating TV unit is used looks natural. It has wooden floor, in dark brown color. The floating TV unit itself is light grey in color. The surface is natural, rustic with a few darker shade of colors and darker spots. The cabinets’ handles are amazing. They are round and old looking.


This floating TV stand is another elegant TV unit painted in dark brown color. The top shelves looks sleek while the cabinets’ doors have amazing wood pattern.

Simple wooden board wall mount floating TV unit


This TV wall unit is from Norloti. You can get it from Amazon and other online stores. It is made of wooden board, with natural color put on a wall. And below it, a long wooden board is attached on the wall as a shelf. The TV wall unit looks simple yet enchanting.

Floating TV unit with metal wall for cabinets


Such design looks simple yet sleek to be used anywhere. The glossy surface of the cabinets’ wall look pretty elegant dan are wonderful addition to the laminated wood floor.

Simple wood and metal floating TV stand


This is a simple wooden floating TV stand with metal frame. The frames are curved making the design even more modern to look at. The 3 shelves are for the TV at the top. DVD players or anything else at the middle and some CDs at the bootom shelf. The design seems very versatile and can be used in any style of living room.

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Modern white floating TV stand


This floating TV stand seems perfect to be used as TV stand, CD players storage and bookcase. And it can accommodate lots of books. At least, the ones that are oftenly read.

Simple short white TV stand


I’m not quite sure about the dimension of this TV stand anyway. Either it is short or taller than the above. But the look of it seems big enough comparing to the TV and the DVD players. However, having large TV stand is beneficial. We can store more there. And as this floating TV stand. We can put a small planter on it.

TV stand is a center of attention is a living room. So, a modern living room should be adorned with modern TV stand too. And here, we hope the floating TV stand designs above would inspire you on how to get just the right TV stand design for your modern living room.

center-floating-TV-stand-console-with-tall-shelves martin-furniture-geometric-wooden-floating-wall-TV-console


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