Everything you need to know about exterior blinds

Exterior blinds are mechanical elements that you can install on windows, balconies, doors, pergolas or fences and that serve to regulate the passage of natural light and control the privacy of the rooms in which you place them. In addition, they offer you protection against solar radiation and wind load, as well as other adverse atmospheric agents.

Among many other advantages, these outdoor blinds provide you with high thermal and acoustic insulation values, which translates into considerable energy savings that will be reflected in your bills. They are permeable barriers that also provide an extra security, since thanks to technological advances they incorporate powerful anti-theft systems.

What types of outdoor blinds are there?
The exterior blind can be classified into several types, depending on different factors such as the material with which it is made, its drive, the slats, the drawer or the guides.

The exterior blind according to its manufacturing material

The first classification of exterior blinds that we can do is based on their manufacturing material. There are several types, although the most common are PVC, aluminum and wood.

– Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): it is a type of recyclable plastic of great lightness and resistance to deterioration. In addition, it is a ductile raw material with great dimensional stability.

– Aluminum: we are talking about a slightly heavy and non-ferrous metal, which is also very light and malleable and offers great resistance to corrosion.

– Wood: it offers you unlimited decorative possibilities, since it is a very elegant and functional material. It is a natural product that, however, requires more thorough maintenance.

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External blinds depending on their drive system

All outdoor blinds have the same basic mechanisms and accessories, although the impulse that makes them work is different. Thus, depending on the drive system, these are the most common types that you will find on the market:

– Automatic: are those that incorporate a motor that serves to automate the process of lowering and raising with the push of a button.

– Tape: we refer to those that have a rope, generally made of polypropylene, which you have to pull to raise them and release to lower them. They are the most traditional.

– Crank: they use a cardan mechanism that allows you to raise or lower them comfortably. Some of the motorized ones also have this drive method, ideal when the power supply fails.

Outdoor blinds according to your slats or cloth

The exterior blind, likewise, can be divided into several types when we look at its slats, which is also known as cloth. The most common on the market are the following:

– Exterior roller blinds: their slats can be made of PVC, aluminum or wood and are the ones that completely prevent the passage of light and isolate the window from the outside. Within this model we include the mat.

– Adjustable outdoor roller shutters: these are those whose slats we can orient as best suits us to protect ourselves from inclement weather or allow the amount of natural light we want to enter our rooms.

– Alicante blinds: they are also rollable, and their slats, generally made of wood, are arranged horizontally and are connected by galvanized hooks. They are among the cheapest on the market.

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– Adjustable blinds: they allow you to regulate the intensity of light that enters your home and are made up of horizontal slats of different materials such as plastics or metals. They are a powerful barrier against glare and overheating.

– Venetian blinds: they are made up of sheets made of different materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic or PVC, also arranged horizontally. These slats can be flat, with beaded edges or in the shape of a Z. They are excellent for regulating the temperature and the amount of light and are very decorative.

– Roman blinds: they are less robust than the roller blinds, although they can also completely block the passage of light and protect the window against inclement weather. They take up less space, since they do not need a drawer to roll up the slats.

Exterior blinds depending on your drawer

The box is a fundamental part of the structure of an exterior blind. We can make three classifications according to this criterion:

– Compact system: the most widespread and easy to install, it favors high levels of insulation.

– Mini system: it is installed outside, in front of the window or on the facade, and avoids any thermal transfer.

– Traditional system: there is no drawer as such, but its components are integrated into a hole in the wall.

Finally we can also classify these perExterior roller shutters according to their profiles or guides, which are generally made of aluminum or PVC. In addition to those mentioned, there are other types of outdoor blinds on the market such as the pleated outdoor blind, the panel or the cellular one. In roller shutters.org you can choose from a wide variety of models. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact these professionals, who will help you make the best decision

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