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Dark Bathroom Designs

A little bit different from ordinary room, bathroom is not the room / space for task that requires bright light. Bathroom can be made cozy and made us relax. And to create the cozy atmosphere, dark bathroom can be just the best. Dark color can create an ambiance where we don’t want to leave the room in a hurry. Once we are in dark bathroom, we may easier to feel relax and calm.

Dark wall color is a wonderful option for a bathroom. The bathroom can be more interesting as well as more relaxing to use. Also, dark color can add personality to the bathroom. Dark wall can add depth to the room and makes the bathroom looks bold.

A bathroom with floating wooden vanity is a great bathroom. This modern bathroom is impressive. The floor tiles are large as well as the wall tiles. The shower has cool light gray flooring that looks as stone. The vanity is floating and is made of wood. The design is sleek and modern.

dark bathroom with wooden cabinet

  • Dark bathroom with blue glass tiles

This dark bathroom is an amazing bathroom and a luxurious one. the bathroom has L shape and looks large. The vanity is floating and the bathtub is a built-in bathtub. The bathtub is large, wonderful and is decorated with blue glass tiles.

And even tough the bathroom is large, there’s a large mirror above the sink and vanity. Also, the ceiling is painted much lighter in light gray color. The bathroom looks large, has high ceiling and relaxing.

luxury dark bathroom design

  • Luxury small bathroom with fireplace

A living room can be so comfortable with a fireplace. A bathroom can be much more relaxing with fireplace too. There, the fireplace is two face with wonderful wood accent for the wall.

The bathtub itself also is amazing with wide counter can can be used to place candles and accessorries.

luxury small bathroom with fireplace

  • Small, long dark bathroom idea

This small bathroom is a fine example of a bathroom with dark color that can be so cozy. Well, cozy does not always mean cramped. Cozy is just small there but the dark color adds depth and character to the room. There, the floor of the bathroom is in lighter gray color. It gives a sense of spaciousness there. The ceiling is dark as the wall but since the ceiling is high, the narrow space still looks comfortable.

The personality of the space is bold yet the bathroom feels quite relaxing to use.

matte black small bathroom

  • Small dark bathroom with wood-look flooring

This bathroom also is similarly dark, but the flooring is quite different. The Shower box has gravel floor which look so cool and calm. But a little bit further, at the vanity side, the floor is made with wood texture and color. The mirror is huge and can make the narrow space feel wider. As whole, the space is cool, a little bit warmth and unique thanks to the large tube-shaped vanity.

modern small dark bathroom design

  • Narrow dark bathroom with long wall tiles

This bathroom is a small, narrow bathroom with cool built-in floating vanity.There, the fixtures are made of stainless steel and has awesome color compare to the dark wall.

And although the bathroom is quite small and narrow, the decor is still minimalist. The wall art and the mirror look wonderful to be placed in almost opposite direction.

dark attic bathroom idea

  • Dark bathroom with bamboo trees

Bringing the outdoors in always works in any interior, including dark bathroom. In this bathroom, the wooden floating vanity has light brown color and looks luxurious. The small pool is amazing and the bamboo trees freshen the entire bathroom.

dark bathroom with garden

Decorating a bathroom doesn’t have to use bright color. Dark color can create a cozy atmosphere that can bring us to relax. So, with all these wonderful dark bathroom examples, we hope that nobody is still afraid of dark, right?

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