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We like to talk about accessible products because we know that they are the ones that interest you the most, but from time to time we also like to anticipate the future by presenting proposals that do not seem to be economical.

One of them is Karbon Chair, which has the privilege of becoming the first carbon fiber chair in Spain, as well as being one of the first all over the world. The Alicante company Actiu has been responsible for its manufacture and we are convinced that it will be very successful.

Lightweight, robust and design
The conception, development and design of Karbon has been carried out by ITEMdesignworks, an Industrial Design and Product Development consultancy that is not exactly new, since they can boast a long and award-winning trajectory that allows them to dare with such original models like this.

carbon-fiber chair-Actiu
As you can imagine when dealing with carbon fiber, it is an extremely light chair. In fact, it only weighs 3 kilos and has a surprising stiffness. In addition, it surprises by its finish, by its texture and by the great amount of shines that are appreciated. It is, in short, an unconventional chair that combines the latest in design and technology with a dose of warmth that seems difficult to obtain with a material that we do not usually see in homes.

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