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A simple combination with white and gray colors can transform the kitchen into a sophisticated, elegant and relaxing environment. These neutral tones are a great potential to create a charming stage. They create a slight contrast in the decoration and also help to highlight some area or objects of the environment. Either with another color, with another texture, patterns or with different shapes.

According to the meaning of the colors, the environments in white are related to cleanliness, hygiene, tranquility, purity. It is timeless. Although white the excess can be blinding. In the same way, white has the effect of making small rooms look bigger than they really are. While the gray color is associated with stability, calm and wisdom. It is conservative, elegant and formal.

We will find white and gray materials that you can include in the kitchen. Either to coat the walls, for countertops, the floor or for some objects. For example: marble, granite, concrete or stainless steel. These add visual interest and texture to the environment making it look more inviting.

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