Green for fresh Bedroom Ideas

green bedroom with wood floor

Green bedroom is a fresh and inviting bedroom. We can feel relax since the ambiance is calming.

It is easy to make a bedroom green by using accessories. Adding chair, pillow covers and lamps with green shades are easy. We don’t need to change anything in the room. However, this bedroom still uses light gray wallpaper in metallic color to make the entire room looks gorgeous. This luxury wallpaper and the curtain add stylish style to the room.

white green airy bedroom

  • Bedroom with green furniture

Creating a bedroom with green furniture is a wonderful thing to do. The furniture can come in similar shade just like shown below. The furniture pieces also are easy to change is needed. We can re-paint the furniture in other colors or purchase another set of furnhiture.

White wall however is easy to be used as background. We can add anything in the bedroom including items with strong colors. And, the bedroom now becomes the bedroom with that colors.

  • Adding green wallpaper to a bedroom

Green wallpaper also is easy to change the ambiance of the bedroom. If you want easy way to make a bedroom green, use the removable wallpaper. A removable wallpaper shouldn’t leave any mark on the wall once it is pulled out. That way, we can change the old wallpaper with new one when needed or when we get bored with that.

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mint green and white bedroom with black accent

  • Bedroom with blue headboard and green bedding set

This is not a green bedroom anymore when we remove the green bedding. But the style of this bedroom is still cool. The blue headboard seems great to be combined with any calm color like coral or light brown. However, this bedroom is more flexible in term of using color.

blue green bedroom design

  • Bedroom with green wall painting

Painting a wall into green color is a serious level for those who love green color. Painting is easily removed and can be re-painted. However, it takes time to repaint the wall into a new color.

Inthis bedroom, the bedroom furniture set is made of wood with natural wood color. The result is a warmth and inviting bedroom.

However, since green bedroom is calming, it seems that we don’t need to re-paint the bedroom anytime soon too.

modern monochromatic green bedroom design

  • Bedroom with light green color

This bedroom is an amazing bedroom for a girl. The green color is soft as well as the blue pillow covers. There, the bedding set is floral and is quite colorful. The atmosphere of the bedroom is pretty cheerful although the bedroom is still calming.

lime green bedroom idea

  • Bedroom with green and black color combination

This bedroom is a cozy one. The ambience its exudes is calming and seems perfect for this lakeside house. With the relaxing view of the lake outside, we always want to stay longer in the bed. The dark ceiling, headboard and black furniture make the bedroom feel cozy. Such dark green and black color combination is a perfect for a vacation house’s bedroom.


green master bedroom design with black ceiling

  • Bedroom with bright green color

Thie green bedroom is a little bright and cheerful than calming. It is still calm and relaxing but also cheerful as well. There, the accessories are also inviting and warmth. The curtain is bright in blue and white color. The pendant lamp is sure cheerful and so is the wall art.

If you like calming bedroom but still want to wake up easily in the morning, such bedroom is a great inspiration.

green bedroom with wood floor

Green bedroom is bedroom built for relaxing. The green color by natural has plenty of calming, cool shades and can be used to adorn a bedroom.

If we just want to add some green touches in the room, we can use green fabrics like bedding and curtain. However, if we think that we are about to use the green bedroom for longer time, we can permanently paint the bedroom’s wall green.

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