Headboard Designs for the Focal Points in the Room


Headboard Designs for the Focal Points in the Room

As far as interior design goes, the detail of a furniture becomes more prominent. A headboard hence is no longer a simple bed accessory. It is now a good piece to make any statement in a bedroom. A headboard, now becomes an important piece of design to express personality.

Shutter Doors Headboard on Blue


A simple bedroom that becomes so extraordinary. The beachy wall color is combined with the shutter doors headboard making the room feels light and peaceful. The design also looks natural, with wood flooring and light brown wall. The main statement? Well, still at the midlle. The the headboard, the two sidelights and the rustic wooden wall arts which all together is adorned by the sky blue wall.

Red White Cushioned Headboard in Classic Style


This is a little brighter headboard design then the previous. The cushioned headboard is wrapped in beautiful white and red fabric featuring floral and deer.

In a relatively calm bedroom, a vibrant headboard is a very nice touch. It energizes the entire bedroom.

And for such a wonderful classic bed and headboard, the wall lamps were also appointed to be in classic with flexible hinge.

Luxury Illuminated Headboard


A fine, a very fine example of a bedroom that turns into a luxury one thanks to its headboard addition. The headboard however, is not just a headboard. It is a nook in a wall with all the scales and lighting from all sides. The center wooden bed is a slim one with sleek looking appearance and futuristic appeal. The door has very nice modern patern. And, the ceiling lights are cool, modern long, tube-like stainless lamps with the bulbs at the end.

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The look of the lights are more like a bunch of a slim baseball bats with diamonds at the ends.

Rustic Farmhouse Door Headboard with Cable Lamps


It is a very amazing headboard with rustic style. The headboard is made of 2 doors with faded white paint. So, leaving the natural wooden color to be exposes and brings the ambiance of a relaxing place. And if you also pay attention, the rustic, brown steel hinge is still there.

Hand Painted Wooden Headboard


This dark brown and grey bedroom is a calm space to have a nice rest at nights. The dark wall now becomes a headboard there. There’s “no” special design that turns the wall into a headboard. Just make the color difference from the rest. And make it bold enough to keep our attention to it.

Furthermore, there’s a hand painting on the wall that turns the entire headboard and the room feels a little bit vibrant.

Curtain Headboard with Lighted Branches and Twigs


This bedroom is so peaceful. The ambiance there is more like winter or Christmast ambiance. The soft fabric headboard makes the entire bedroom looks so special.

The headboard looks so light while the lamps on the entire twigs turns the entire bedroom into a very cheerful bedroom.

Pattern Headboard


A pattern headboard is another style that would make a staement in a bedroom. A pattern headboard would be directly visible if other surfaces are relatively flat. The patterns also can be made bold or blend with the entire bedroom.

Luxury Tufted Headboard


Such luxury tufted headboard is always an easy choice for any bedroom. Either we put the bed at the middle of the room or put the headboard’s side againts the wall, the bed as a whole looks enchanting.

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Many of such headboards are made by large companies which we can purchase anywhere. Some as part of the beds but some are made with general sizes to be fitted with our bed.

However, there are also videos on Youtube on how to make such DIY tufted headboard. If you like this headboard, it is an easy choice. We can match the style with any bedroom style pretty easy.


A headboard today in no longer a small unimportant accessory for a bed. We can create an ambiance in a bedroom using special headboard designs.


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