How to Choose Colors for Home Office

Choosing colors for home office can be a little bit different from choosing colors for office in the office building. In the office, we can make the office to have atmosphere we want. And we can do it to the entire office.

But at home, we still have to connect the style of the home office to the entire style of the home. Also, we would like to maintain the ambiance of our formal office in the house. And, don’t forget about the ambience the color would exude in the home office. Once the color chosen is wrong, the ambiance would make us to hibernate rather than working.

So, this is the tips for choosing colors for home office based on color phsychology

  • Red Office color

Red is a color that helps to focus on detail. Red also increase performance of our work too.

classic red home office design

  • Blue office color

Blue is a color that’s calming. So, any home office with blue color is a calming home office. This color fits well for an office that is designed for creativity and innovation.

  • Green home office color

Green also is a calming color just as the blue. This color is a good color for innovative office. Green home office helps efficiency and further encourage creativity.

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green home-office-design

And tips for choosing color based on the job

But sometimes you think that you need to choose colors based on your job too. What best color to represent you and your job?

The answer may can’t be that crystal clear. I mean that I can’t answer the question like this: White and black for law office. Primary color for designer’s home office.

Well, we know that one color cannot be associated with a particular job. Again, it is the ambiance of the office that we need. Blue color can exude trust and calming ambience while red color is energizing.


What about neutral colors?

Neutral colors like white and gray tend to be steril and have no emotional impact to the workers inside. In fact, white home office can make workers make more mistakes. This link is a post showing that white color makes workers make more mistakes during a test. Gray color also can be used just in small portion of the office. To much gray will cause the lack of confidence.

If you have gray an white, Add another dominant color like yellow.

However Yeloow is a color that can cause anxiety and raise our temper. Too much yellow color is not good for a meeting room as well as for the home office.

Other considerations for choosing colors for home office

  • We may feel comfortable with colors that we get used too

It is normal to feel comfortable with colors of our old office. If we start our bussiness at home, someday we would need a real office space somewhere. It is when we have more employee than we can accommodate in our home office.

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However, often we would like to use office with the same color or even similar design with the one we have before.

brown home office design

  • Colors have shades of dark, light, vibrant and dull

The same of color with different shade can create a much different psychological impact.

Dark gray with light gray colors can be so different visually when used in a room. Some shades of green can be so vibrant and even irritating while other shades can be so calming.


Choosing colors for home office should consider some important factors. Colors of the wall and the wall arts decorations can be used to direct the workers’s and guests’ attention. We want the room to be seen like A or B by using colors and decoration. So, we need to consider the psychology of the color as well as to consider our level of comfort in using the color.


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