How to Choose Painting and Color for the Room?

How to Choose Painting and Color for the Room for ambiance look and creating focal-point

Some people are still on the fence about choosing the right color for their interior. However, there are tips from experts around that we can use. Some of the tips including color psychology are derived from experiment.

And here, we have some basic home interior painting tips for homeowners.

There are at least oil paint and latex paint type. Latex paint is more popular since it is easy to use and clean. The latex paint also last long and has les shining surface than oil paint.

Latex paint is recommended for wall and households.

As for wood, oil paint is better. It can seal any knots and stain of the wood. However, you can always use oil paint for base painting for wood. And, paint another layer with latex paint.

One more thing to remember, oil paint dries longer than latex paint.

how to choose paint color for creating focal point and highlight wall art

  • Choosing the right sheen

Glosy sheen can be easier to clean. High gloss paint is good for kitchen and playroom as the surface gets dirty easier. However, any imperfection, blemishes of the wall will also easily visible with this paint.

Semi-gloos sheen is great for kitchen and bathroom. Trim also can has sophisticated look if we paint it with semi-gloos painting.Satin sheens are perfect for those who prefer a non glosy surface. But, with the easy to clean feature.For a wall or surface with lots of imperfections, use matte paint or flat paint. The good thing is that usually we need only one coat / one layer or painting. The cons would be the matte surface is hard to clean. Well, the paint will not stand such cleaning. So, we can use this paint in a room with low traffic and low possibility of getting fingerprints.So, what’s the coice then? for best of the glosy and matte world, use paint with eggshell sheen. This paint hides blemishes but also is easy to clean and wash.

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how to create focal point in a room with painting color for wall

  • How to Choose the right color for interior?

Well, for those trying to sell their house, white color on white works best almost anytime. We can let the buyer to easily use any wall covering on white wall. Or, use another layer of painting on the wall.

However, if your wall has some imperfections, you can hide them with gray painting.

Do you know how to vary colors? Well, choosing some shade of similar colors or complementary colors?

We need a color wheel if we want to choose the right color for the interior. The colors close to each other is analogous color. These colors can be combined and one will stand out from the other. Colors from the opposite side are complementary color. They play off  each other. Warm colors have their complementary cool color. Also, Shades can be vibrant, muted or the less vibrant version and the shaded. The darker version of the color. This is the basic formula.

Now, start to the ambiance or purpose of the room you want to paint. If the purpose of the room has been determined and special ambience is desired, then this is the basic ambiance formula for colors.

colourwheel basic

  • Choosing color for subtle and shooting interior

Sure, choose colors that are shooting. Blue, green or white and gray. Get the monochromatic color instead of getting the opposite color. As for bathroom, get darker blue for the wall and lighter shade for the trim. (other color is possible too). Other accessories can be painted within the same color scheme.

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The peaceful ambiance in a bathroom can be obtained with painting the bathroom with light colors. Lavenders, pink or soft yellow will do the trick. The calm atmosphere in bedroom needs lighter shade of cool and warmth colors. And, don’t forget to overlap or change the shades and textures in the bedroom.

  • Choosing color for elegant interior

Elegant look can be obtained with neutral colors. Neutral colors are not about white and brown only. A living room can be painted in almond white while the trim can be painted in red brown color. Other vibrant colors can be added through fabric, pillow, throw or even vase. Place them carefully to diminish the neutral colors. Again, don’t worry to vary textures and varying the shades of the colors.

how to choose neutral color for elegant interior design

  • Choosing color for vibrant interior

The warm colors in the color wheels are red, orange, yellow and some shades of purple. In a vibrant room, we can select complementary color as well as using shades within the same color.

How to Choose Painting and Color for the Room for ambiance look and creating focal-point

  • How to choose color for ceiling?

Ceiling is an important point for painting. Painting ceiling with color lighter than the wall can make the ceiling looks higher. As the opposite, painting the ceiling with darker colorcan make the ceiling looks lower. If you are afraid if the color of the ceiling is out of place, then use the same color used by door trim and floor moldings.

green purple living room idea -choosing color

  • How to choose color for focal points?

We need to crr4eate a focal point when painting the room. Changing the colors of the wall and the trim changes the look of the entire room. Making large room looks smaller, more intimate can be done by painting one wall in dark color. However, we can expand it again visually by painting the trim of the dark wall with lighter color of the same color scheme. Moreover, it works much better in a room with detailed trim.

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As for a room with molding, but only half way from floor to ceiling, use two different shades of the same color. The contrast is so wonderful to look at. A stairway, especially at the middle of the room, would be best painted in shade darker than the wall. It is going to be a wonderful focal point.

To highlight anything, use complementary color from the wall with darker shade.

how to paint wall dark for creating focal point and highlight in a room

Painting the house is the easy way to change the ambience of a room. The look and feel of the room and entire house. Romantic and calm can be obtained by using light warm or cool shade color. Buttery yellow for kitchen can make the the home feel comfy and homey. Light green, sage or moss can exude the ambiance of calm and balance. And for vibrant color we can get an energizing room.

yellow-homey kitchen idea

Painting the house is easy but the impact is huge. Better understanding about the colors can help us to create ambiance, look and focal point in the room.

So, that’s the tips about how to choose painting and color for the room. We hope this post can help.

how to choose painting color for calm and balance room

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