How to Declutter one Room at a Time?

how to declutter garage in a day

How to declutter one entire room at a time? Is it possible? Sure. But we need to make a priority. We, almost impossible to declutter our home to match the beautiful interior photos published on magazines or internet.

These places were built first time, without any real stuff and get photographed. In real life, we will still have some stuffs that are out off place. However, there are simple techniques we can use to declutter the home one at a time.

How to Declutter one Room at a Time

The way to declutter a room at a time

Decluttering room one at a time is not easier. However. it is not less effective.

  • Declutter kitchen at a time

The way we can do this is by open the dooors of cabinets, refrigerator and put away any expired food, expired spices or food that we never want to eat.

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The cupboards may hols a lot of glassware. However, we don’t need all of them. Donate some of them. The best way to determine if we still need one or not, we can ask ourshelves. If we never use the item in the last one year, we don’t need that item.

Or, we can put anything that clutter our kitchen in a box. Once we need to use one of them, we put it from the box and use it. And, we put it back to the kitchen instead of putting it back to the box.

After 1 year, what left in the box is for donation or for sale!

These clutters are different from that red fire extinguisher. If we don’t need to use that fire extinguisher, it is very good. But, the stuffs in our home have different story.

We don’t touch or use them in a year, then we don’t need them.

How to declutter kitchen in one day

  • Declutter bedroom at a time

Clothes and shoes are our target for donation. Outdated clothes that we don’t need or clothes that we don’t feel comfortable to wear. Electronics can be the target for donation too. Electronics add distraction for our rest at night. So, we want to keep them to minimum.

How to clean up bedroom at a time

  • Declutter bathroom at a time

We don’t need expired lotions, cosmetics and anything else. We also want to trash combs with incomplete teeth, dirty sponges or broken appliances. Also, appliances that haven’t been used for more than 6 month are the ones ready for the donation.

how to declutter blue bathroom at a time in one day

  • Declutter living room at a time

Usually, we have old magazines, games, CDs and newspaper. We have to take them out to trash can or to donate our CDs. There are people who still like to wacth the movie or to play the game.

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how to declutter living room in one day

  • Declutter garage, basement or attic

Tires and rims that don’t belong to the recent car(s) can stay longer in the garage than the car itself. We also need to donate extra, duplicate tools, old paint and chemicals. Put away things which are already damage and ruin. Put away boxes that are broken. Boxes that were used to store something but now empty.

Decluttering garage probaly can be challenging for some. This is the place where some people put their garden equipment, extra furniture and even their extra clothes.

how to declutter garage in a day

Well, some of the clutter may still is really good condition. But if we don’t touch or need it for the last 1 year, we really don’t need it.

how-to declutter interior in a day

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