How to Decorate Small Bedroom


How to decorate small bedroom?

Small bedroom can be decorated in neat and eficient way to make it feels larger. Well, at least, not cramped and we still feel that wen still have some space for anything.

However, it takes some approach to make small bedroom feels bigger and more comfortable.

We know that for a car, leg room is important. A few inches addition in leg room make the trip feel much more comfortable.

In a small bedroom, we still need to consider about storage and maybe, some accessories like lamps, side tables and anything else. But also, we may not need all of them.

We could use what are necessary while still getting a complete functionality. How can we do that? Well, some designers have shown their expertise designing the rooms below.

And here, we can “steal” the ideas from proffesional designers. And there we go.

  • Use bright and light color

It is the safest way to make a small bedroom feels bigger. Light colored wall reflects lights much better than dark wall. If we also work in this small bedroom, we almost sure need bright room. Dark room on the opposite, works best if you want to creat a spacial ambient in the room.

  • Use built-ins of anything

Be ready to build built-in bookshelves or closet. They save space and are really practical. Recessed storage can save a few square inches in the room and make it feels a little bit larger.

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  • Push the bed at the corner of the room



Bed at the middle is only good if the bedroom is quite large. But if the size is quite small. It is wise to keep the bed at a corner.

And if you have a different layout than the above room, you could try another arrangement. The above room seems only has one side for the bed. The other is for acces from the door. However, if it is possible to put the bed just close to a window, you may want to set your bed next to the window.

If the view from the window is acceptable and your privacy is protected, we would feel like living in a much larger space. Also, try to cover the window with fabric or anything that is easy to open and close.

  • Use multifunction furniture and curtain the storage


Multifunction furniture is a must have furniture for small space, including bedroom. It can be a bed with storage beneath or a bed with trundle. However, you may also want to conceal the storage anyway. If so, a curtain can be used as a big help.

This way, we also can decorate the entire bedroom too with our favorite style.

  • Use mounted sconce


Mounting sconce on the headboard would ellimitane the usage of side table(s). Side tables can be so wide enough so they can eat some valuable spaces.

  • Using daybed


In a studio apartment, we can use daybed to save space. The daybed also can be chosen from ones with storage.

  • No headboard required


A headboard may not needed. Instead, the wall behind the bed can be made wonderful to function as headboard. The benefit is a few inches space saved.

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And as for the lighting, we can attach the lamp on the wall and not using a side table.

  • Connect the bedroom with the outdoor


It is one of the most powerful way to make small bedroom feel bigger. Connecting a bedroom with garden would bring the ambiance inside. And, also the view of the garden. Watching the outdoor directly from the room is relaxing. For any home with garden, connecting beroom with garden can make the bedroom feels relaxing and bigger.

Bedroom can be made beautiful and felt larger at once. Designing small bedroom can be a challange in order to make the space comfortable for more than sleeping.

And here, there are some wonderful small bedrooms designed by professional that we hope can help you out to make a comfy small bedroom.

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