How to Decorate your Bedrooms without Windows?

erene bedroom with vertical glass wall garden

Today we want to show you great ideas to decorate and optimize a bedroom without windows. Different solutions to achieve a well-lit, ventilated space with magnificent visual appeal.

One of the main problems of a room without windows is the lack of natural light, consequently, little light in your bedroom can become depressing, our mood low. Also, the lack of light contributes to worsen our vision. Therefore, it is essential to consider different sources of artificial lighting and that the lack of light in the bedroom goes unnoticed.

Decorate bedroom without windows

In addition to the general lighting of the room, we recommend using other types of light bulbs in the ceiling area such as LED lights or linear fluorescents, which give a modern look.

Decorate bedroom without windows

Add standing or table lamps in the darkest areas of the environment and areas such as reading or working area so that visual effort is less.

Decorate bedroom without windows

You can also add indirect lights behind a piece of furniture or in a hidden space as an additional form of lighting, in this way your bedroom will have the appearance of being naturally lit.

You can use lamps made of glass or metal materials to further reflect the lighting throughout the bedroom. If you choose other types of lamps, try to be simple design, as simple as possible. This way your bedroom will have a lighter appearance.

Another problem with a bedroom without windows is the lack of ventilation in the space. As we all know, a ventilated bedroom eliminates moisture, mold, odors and helps prevent any respiratory problem. It is important to expel the “charged” air and attract “clean” air to the room to prevent the spread of bacteria and to help achieve a better quality of sleep.

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Decorate bedroom without windows

To ventilate your bedroom, the simplest thing is to incorporate a ceiling or conventional fan so that the air circulates, leaving the door open. You can also purchase an air purifier, which removes bacteria, mold, moisture and even some odors.


Open the windows of the rooms that are close to your bedroom and keep the door open as long as possible.

Decorate bedroom without windows

You can also invest a little more money incorporating an internal window in one of the walls of the bedroom and are connected to other environments of the house.

Colors for the walls

We recommend painting the walls of the room in light colors to gain the light that is lost by not having the windows. Light neutral colors such as beige, white, light gray or pastel colors in light blue or green that bring peace and tranquility to the space can be a good alternative. The white ceiling will give us the impression of a higher environment and more light. The paint with a glossy white finish can also be recommended, as it will more effectively reflect the artificial lighting of the bulbs.


Another alternative for the walls is to use cheerful colors to improve your mood, to identify you and make you feel comfortable in your room. Ideally, do not saturate the bedroom in very strong colors because they can overwhelm you. For example, you can choose the center wall or focal point with a nice wallpaper in colors and soft patterns that encourage.

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Choose a Focal Point

The focal point will help to divert the look in a certain area of ​​the bedroom and can make the absence of the window imperceptible. Generally, it is the area of ​​the wall behind the bed as we see in this image, where a beautiful closed curtain is included giving the impression that there was a window as if there were a window. The decoration is complemented with beautiful cushions.


A beautiful mural or wallpaper on the wall related to nature can help create a fantastic setting, giving the feeling of having a beautiful view with plants and flowers. Or, you can include a window-shaped sticker with a beautiful view, we are sure it will help lift your mood ..

Decorate bedroom without windows

The most advisable thing is to distract the eye towards some object that attracts attention. You can also include a group of decorative pictures as part of the focal point of the room.

So that the result is great to choose a group of pieces that you like. Do not overwhelm the space so that the room looks fresh and balanced. You can leave some of the walls free without any object, to give the feeling of an open and fresh space.

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