How to Dress Up / Decorate Rental Home Temporarily

wonderful temporary vinyl floor decor for rental apartment

Dressing up or decorating rental apartment can be done temporarily. Yes, we don’t need to spend a lot as well as can reverse anything back like what it used to be.

Apartment or house which are available for rent usually are white. The owner usually want the property to9 be as neutral as possible to match the taste of many.

However, it is not always good for us. We want something special for our bedroom and interior. We want the apartment to have some short of personality like what we have. So, Decorating a rental apartment is a great way to make our rented space more comfortable.

Fortunately, there are some peel-and-stick of almost anything. So, we can just stick a new cover on the old-looking, maybe boring floor, wall and even appliences.

Removable wallpaper is a handsome option to decorate any apartment. Once we can remove it the wall is back as it used to be.

Having a vibrant wallpaper can turn the ambience in an apartment. Bright wallpaper would make us get up quickly in the morning. Also, if our rented apartment is small, we still can add character to it.

If you still affraid of using bold removable wallpaper, use removable wall decals instead.

There are plenty of great options we can get from Amazon and other stores. Choose one with good review and most of the time, it helps.

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  • Use peel-and-stick on appliences and kitchen

There are instant granite countertop for the kitchen. There are instant backsplash and anything else for appliance. Having that instant granite countertop would turn the old kitchen into a “new” one. At least, the look of our kitchen and appliances are better.

And once we are ready to move, we only need to pull it back.


  • Use Vinyl floor covering

Well, just like the instant granite countertop. an instan flooring will also turn the space into a better looking one. Flooring has large area and so is the visual impact. Dressing the flooring can exude special ambience in the interior.

Matching the flooring with wallpaper can result in a much better interior style. So, why bother with ordinary style interior if our options to make it fancy are easy and cheap to do.

wonderful temporary vinyl floor decor for rental apartment

  • Change the lighting

Changing the lighting is another easy option to change the ambience of a bedroom and other interior spaces. Ceiling lamps maybe hidden and are quite difficult to reach. However, we can use the plug-in versions of the lamps.

Changing fixtures are not quite easy and cheap but using plug-in options, we can upgrade the lighting easier.


Renting apartment and home may left us with not so many options in decorating the home.

A rented homes and apartment are made neutral in order to match the taste of many potential customer.

With the new era of instant peel-and-stick, we are sure have so many options. It is like a plug and play device for our laptop and gadget. We can customize anything according to out style and needs.

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We may not change the basic design, however, the look does change. and the entire ambiance changes. The great thing is, the process is easy, fast and can be done in budget.

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